St. Elmo's Fire


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Our money, is really just based on perception. Our money is the electricity, the energy in our economic system, right?


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Electricity can be felt without being electricuted even today (not just static) A few years ago I walked near a power line in a damp atmosphere and wet ground and when I touched my sons face I could litteraly feel the charge, his skin felt like highly charged rubber.
Piggy backing off of this, last year I was parked in my car during a typical Texas thunderstorm. By typical, I mean ferocious and lasts approximately 15-30 minutes.

I'm not sure where the lightning struck, but if it was less than 50 yards away from me I wouldn't have been surprised. It felt like reality itself was warping around me, the reverberations shook my windows and I could feel it in my bones. All the hair on my body stood up, and adrenaline immediately started rushing through me.

Perhaps anecdotal, but for the next 24 hours I felt different. I was disciplined enough to have been going to the gym at the time, and I felt like a man possessed during that particular session, like I had some sort of super powers. It faded away eventually, but it was a very visceral and real experience.
Being in the presence of such things can and will affect you in misunderstood ways, at least misunderstood in a modern context. I can't say I wish it would happen again, but I could see where harnessing that power could create intended effects.