Sir Isaac Newton - from Farm Hand to Genius


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Sir Isaac Newton

I had the pleasure of visiting Woolsthorpe Manor, in Lincolnshire in the UK, the home to the much lorded Sir Isaac Newton, inventor of the cat flap (I kid you not) WM

_DSC8396 c.jpg

I would imagine most of us here are aware of Mr Newton and his place in scientific ‘history’ The Visitors Centre & Manor use the tag line ‘Isaac Newton changed the world here’

What a wonderful way to tell us what really went down

For those of you not so familiar with Mr N, a quick recap.

Most Famous Discoveries

Newton’s three laws of motion set the foundation for modern classical mechanics.

The LAWS of Motion

Discovery of the Law of Gravitation

The Law of Gravitation

The Law of Gravitation

Did you know he was a law maker? :)

His discovery of the gravitational force gave man the ability to predict movements of celestial objects, while simultaneously validating Kepler’s laws and the heliocentric Copernican model of the solar system. More law making.

His co-discovery of calculus provided a potent mathematical tool, aiding the precise analytical treatment of the physical world

Newton’s Discoveries in Theoretical Physics

Newton’s Magnum Opus – The Principia

Newton’s Law of Cooling

Newton’s Discoveries in Mathematics

Binomial Theorem

Newton-Raphson Method

Newton’s Inventions

Reflecting Telescope

The Perfect Coin

Cat Doors – All of the above then a cat flap? Where did it all go wrong?

Info from here Isaac Newton's Discoveries and Inventions - Sir Isaac Newton Online

He was a busy man, no doubt about that!

Myself, I am more aware of Newton for his work on optics or ‘optiks’ as his book suggests. As part pf my investigation in the real history of photography I have come across Newton quite a bit. Also as an avid astro photographer I am familiar with is inventions.

Anyway, it is said that Mr N was born and raised in the manor, then returned for his ‘annus mirabilis’ of 1666, to escape the great plague (London) Was it a plague? Who knows, for sure it could be a subject all of its own. The manor is owned and operated by the National trust whose staff were lovely, really accommodating and full of excellent information, information from the official historical narrative. They are clearly huge admirers of Newton and his work. The visitor’s centre is a tomb to the globe earth and Newton’s official timeline of discoveries, inventions and greatness.

_DSC8325 c.jpg

Historical timeline narrative all around

_DSC8332 c.jpg

Some things which I discovered on my visit.

Newton went from being an abandoned Farm hand to Sir Scientific genius in 20 years

There is not a single piece of original interior of the house from Newton’s time. Everything is fake, not a single piece of furniture, vase, book or painting is original.

Art work scratched into the walls around the house are attributed to Mr N, regardless of evidence (I bet Tourists love it)

The Trust have drawn in charcoal on the walls instruments and diagrams purported to be copied from Newton’s original sketches on the walls (of a listed building which I found strange)

like this:

_DSC8356 C.jpg

The Apple tree is not the original. That was blown down in a storm around 200 years ago, but the tree you see now has ‘grown from the seeds which fell from the old tree’…

Professors and Scientists travel from all over the world to go into Newton’s study (Bedroom) and many have cried when entering. Others have arrived only to spend the whole day until closing time sat under Newton’s tree, even though it is not newton’s tree…

Newton acquired his 1st prism in a curiosity shop. Prior to this purchase, the prism was only seen as a novelty item, Newton was the 1st person ever in the whole world ever to investigate one scientifically and make notes...

Time Peake (UK Astronot) took some apple pips from Newton’s tree (The replacement tree, not the original remember, that’s long gone) into ‘space’ and they are now been nurtured into ‘space saplings’.. I am being serious…

Newton's Space Saplings

There was not a single shred of evidence in the house/ manor or visitors centre that anything pertaining to Mr N was factual. Lots of references, copies and theories, but no originals and no real proof on hand.

As I said, the tour guides were brilliant, and 100% believe the mainstream narrative they have learned and can even quote text books from eons ago which tell the ‘truth’ of Newton. Exceptionally genuine people.

As a photographer, I could not visit without taking some snaps. I noticed when first viewing the house that it has a clear different colours along the bottom, and windows poking out of the ground, some of this has clearly been buried I thought?

_DSC8406 c.jpg

_DSC8420 c.jpg

underground windows? the guide said there are cellars, but are not open to the public because of 'bats'

End view of the Manor

_DSC8422 c.jpg

The guide had no idea why the house was build the way it is, and looked at me like I was mental upon my suggested of its strange build. I noticed that the adjoining out buildings were also raised up, or dug out. I noticed also the distinctive S shaped markings on the house walls, and a tablet with the cross bones coat of arms, which turns out to be 2 x tibia (Human leg bones) which upon some quick research, reveals an interesting text

‘In heraldry, a diagonal band running from the upper left-hand to the lower right-hand corner is called a “bend”. 9 The mirror image, with the band running from the upper right-hand to the lower left-hand corner, is identified as a “bend sinister”. The reason for this terminology is that if the coat of arms were drawn on the front of a battle shield, the top of the bend sinister would be near the knight’s left shoulder. Was Newton aware that in the English heraldry of his day a bend sinister often marked the arms of a bastard child?’ (Jenkins 2013)

Maybe worth some further investigation. Bones without the skull, Masons?

Also beneath the coat of arms reads

‘In this Manor House Sir Isaac Newton, Knt. was born, 25th December, A.D. 1642”

The more I investigate our ‘history’ the more I begin to understand its fabrication. And this visit has done little to sway more from that way of thinking, it has only added to my curiosity.

Anyway, I wanted to share my experience of the visit. Having read about Newton, now visited his supposed birthplace and residence, having gazed out of the window of the room where he supposedly made many discoveries and inventions and pointed his telescope, I was not at all overly turned on or impressed by my visit, and I am one who is normally quite tuned in to this kind of stuff. I don’t know what I expected, but something more of a buzz I guess. I can however understand why people who have bought the mainstream narrative would be wowed by this place. Perhaps it is my widening realization of the history taught to me beginning to look like a fairy-tale. Do I believe a man Called Isaac Newton lived and did all this stuff? I am not sure, However if he did, I would argue that much of it was more recent, or that perhaps that many of his discoveries were found, not invented, I found a pound coin down the back of the sofa, you know!

The window on the world... in Mr N's Study

_DSC8358 c.jpg

_DSC8375 c.jpg

Considering Newton’s suggested discoveries, I thought about my visit and realised that the most important thing I discovered today, was that it is as easy as pie to perpetuate any historical narrative that you like, and the populous will believe it.

Cheers all and feel free to use images for non commercial gain :)


Jenkins A (2013) Isaac Newton’s Sinister Heraldry [online] available at accessed 8th January 2019

Mr N's second tree...
_DSC8404 c.jpg


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Great post, thanks for sharing.
As you said; the tourists come and sit under a tree that wasn’t his, admire art and furniture that wasn’t his and hell maybe even the house isn’t his.... makes me wonder if all the tourists that soak in the monuments and building in DC or London, Moscow or Rome really even know what they’re looking at. The sheep just eat what they’ve been fed.


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Interesting bit of perspective there. Issac Newton's refabricated house representing some original supporting a narrative is to Timeshifter exactly what the narrative status quo of humanity is to many users on this site.

Also why did they put double integral symbols on the front of the house, bit on the nose if I do say so myself.