Single photo: Rus or Tartarian?

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The upturned pointy toed shoes/boots of Nicholas are quite popular with Tartar men, going by some of the engravings in that book.

All the clothes the Romanovs and co. are wearing seem like what my mind would conjure up as Tartarian garb. I don't recall seeing any European royalty wearing such highly decorative formal attire.


Russian court vestment is supposed to be derived from eastern Roman (Byzantine) fashion. At some point Moscow was claimed to be 'Roma Tertia' or third Rome and the Russians likened themselves as heirs to Rome's legacy.

Examples of this attire in the west is found in imagery of the Salic and Saxon dynasties, but especially the Saxon dynasty (the Ottonians). They supposedly reigned during the so-called 'Romanesque' period, roughly the same time about 297 phantom years were thought to be added to the calendar; meaning Romanesque would in fact be better characterized as 'late' Roman. After this time, fashions become very austere. The clothing in the western provinces of the Roman Empire are always made out appear to more austere compared to their eastern counterparts, and this officially explained away by geography; the eastern provinces were in closer proximity to trade with Arabia, Persia, and the Orient which is where all of these jewels, pearls, and luxurious fabrics are supposed to come from.

Interestingly enough, Tsar Nicholas II's vestment looks as much Roman as it could be 'modern'; the cut could easily morph into the more familiar clothing of the 1800s albeit without the polychromy and jewel encrustment.
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