Secret Underground Chamber Discovered in Ruins of Roman Emperor Nero’s Palace


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Came across this just now

Secret Underground Chamber Discovered in Ruins of Roman Emperor Nero's Palace -


The Sphinx room....

A few things of note...

'The vast palace built by the Roman emperor Nero nearly 2,000 years ago had been hiding a secret. Archaeologists working on the restoration of the palace in Rome earlier this month have discovered a hidden, underground room decorated with panthers, centaurs, and a sphinx.' Roman? And we do love the underground...

Fires.. we do love our ancient fire theories...

'When much of Rome was destroyed in the fire of 64 AD, Nero set about the necessary rebuilding of the city, appropriating a large area for a new palace — the Domus Aurea or Golden House — for himself.'

Fire? Or other form of destruction along the lines of those we discuss here.

We will never see the whole truth...

'Scholars approximate the size of the Domus Aurea size to be over 300 acres, and it is believed to have included at least 300 rooms.(a bit more than a chamber)

Experts said they will not excavate the newly discovered underground chamber further for fears for the stability of the complex. They dated the Sphinx Room between 65 and 68 AD'

So here we have another broad sweep at a purposed period of history, keeps the mainstream narrative going, yet when you look at the information, for me at least it is clear that there is more to see here.

Massive fire
Underground chambers
The mixing in cultures