Radionics: pseudoscience, old tech, placebo?


I'm specifically asking about something I don't know much about, it's just an odd vibe I guess? Something that's widely derided as pseudoscience and quackery, has weird, old-fashioned looked machinery associated with it, supposedly works on or with energy we don't completely understand or this a thing? A real thing, that's been buried or suppressed? There's all sorts of weird-looking devices, very "old-fashioned" looking.

Radionics is also called psionics or psychotronics, and radionics machines "wishing machines." -from here

In the United States, it's illegal to promote radionics for diagnostic or treatment purposes in people or animals -from here

Copper...circuitry/geometry types of things...things that are pretty much universally called pseudoscience and ridiculous...hard to understand...devoted niche audience but basically unknown outside that group... IDK, I guess I wonder if hidden tech wouldn't be something like this, that most people won't look at twice. And if it has some real effect, and people in power really do understand it because it's been studied and refined for who knows how long by the elite, it probably wouldn't look like the homemade stuff people have out in the open, any more than cell phones look like the earliest models of phones.

Then we have tuning forks (??) / sacred geometry things like this:


It just looks old... Maybe that's just something fun to cash in on a steampunk design, spirituality, the power of belief, etc. There's something to be said for placebo (power of belief used for good). That's cool, if so. Whatever. I'm just curious.

Basically I'm just putting this out there as an open question for the forum to ponder and weigh in on, if you know anything about it.

I feel a bit weird posting this, but I think if I can ask weird questions, it's probably here. And any sort of science that's unknown in a society is going to sound weird. If there were no computers, and some dude was building an Apple II-like computer in his backyard, and talking about how if there were enough of them, they could all be connected...yeah, that would sound pretty weird. :unsure:🤷‍♀️

(But I also don't feel the need to plunk down a lot of money and test this stuff.)


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Long story short. If magnetism can do it than sound can do it. Both have to travel through a medium.

Tesla said that electromagnetic waves are propagated through the Aether just like sound waves.

Each "pole" of the magnet has two different field modalities. The centripedal convergence magnetic field (entropy / increasing inertia) and centrifugal divergence. You can view this under a ferrocell I've posted a picture of the image before.

The centrifugal edge has been shown to accelerate growth so it can be used for plant growth and for healing cuts or wounds. While the centripedal field will retard growth so it could be used for an infection or cancer.

This post reminds me of all the resonance devices found at Giza. Also, it invokes that story that is as old as the internet of the Egyptologist student seeing all the tuning forks that had been found at the pyramids.

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Radionics is completely legit, and very closely related to dowsing and remote viewing. I had heard about it before, but realized that I actually knew nothing about the extraordinary observations of Dr. Abrams. Radionics is a brilliant application of electrical theory and understanding of the human bio-electrical field.

Check this book out, it is an exceptional explanation of the subject:
The Secret Art

And an excerpt of the book from the author:
Radionics and T. Galen Hieronymus – an excerpt from The Secret Art - Graham Hancock Official Website


Thank you both. If I know it's not nonsense, I can research further without feeling like a dupe. :)

(Not that I truly mind feeling like a dupe when there's a possibility of figuring out a way to get to better health, for instance--I'm perfectly happy to try various herbs and vitamins if there's a chance they'll help me, and shrug and try something else if they don't--but there's also only so much time in the day to research and devote to the unusual. As well, this stuff seems expensive to get into!!)

I must say it seems odd that in this day and age you can't buy devices mass produced, if only for entertainment purposes. Everything else is for sale, it seems. Why strictly control things that are almost certainly harmless? Nobody says you have to build your own computer... Or maybe I'm missing something again.

This stuff is complicated. I feel like I'd need a second brain to understand it all. 😬 I think I'll read that book and see if any of it makes any more sense to me! (OTOH, back to my computer metaphor...nobody ever expected me to learn how and why it worked before I was allowed to use it!!)

Anyway, thanks again for the replies. I'm learning a lot.


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I don’t currently have links but I was just reading all about it, and the US military has been very involved with r & d of this, chasing after the Russians who were doing it long ago apparently. I found some small info on the Chinese tech of it as well. There’s declassified material on it that can be found. It can be used to not only do remote viewing but for remote influencing which is basically putting thoughts in someone’s head which is pretty crazy. Psychological warfare is the new thing apparently, besides robots. Sounds like star wars a bit! The fact that it’s illegal in the states is proof alone that it’s legit imo.