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Greek meaning of Pyramid comes to "in the middle of the fire" (Pyros=Fire). Does it really pyros relates only to fire, or light, or the sun?

"He says that the meaning of ‘Pyramis’ is obscure and may relate to the shape of a pyramid – but that the word ‘Pyramidos’ has been translated as “Fire In The Middle” – pyre = fire, mid = middle.
The Origin of the Word Pyramid by Stephen Mehler.

But why “Fire in the Middle?” This is a question that has perplexed people for many years now and this is something we will be returning to in a moment"

Fire in the Middle - Gary Osborn

Showing this map, with ancient sites allignments (center it's located in Anchorage-Alaska), it seems describing the path of the sun (supposing an ancient ecuatorial equidistant line to the north geographic pole).

There is an alignment between Ancient Sites that will blow your mind!
Alignment of Ancient Sites That Will Blow Your Mind

Ancient orbits explain Gods, Eye of Sahara, Petra, Pyramids, Nazca, Easter i.
Ancient orbits: PART 1- explanation of all megaliths, and gods in the world ancient astronauts

But Gizeh plateau pyramids are not the only pyramids in the world (but of course the most important group of pyramids that not only has a geographic meaning on earth's surface but as Hancock and several other researchers suggests a projection of some constellations -Orion, and Nile river as the Eridanus. Did you realise the central star of Orion's belt it's called Al-Nilam?). So at this point one could wonder about if there's a major meaning difference comparing Gizeh and the other pyramids.

Referring Gizeh pyramids we have close to this plateu located on the West, the desert known as "Black Desert".
Ancient name of Egypt comes from Khemet, usually explained being taken a sense over black fertile lands around the nile river floods.

LookLex / Egypt / Black Desert

Taking into consideration Pyramid word, and pyros (in the middle of the fire), or measuring the sun (that's another point of view), and some references about the mystery of the Khufu's top (Keops) pyramidon described in some websites not as a little pyramid but an spheric golden ball, the solar reference comes immediately.

Egypt was not only a mysterious but sacred land, mostly over any other interpretations.

Pyramide - Gary Osborn

"Furthermore, we are told that the Pyramid structure was named mer by the ancient Egyptians, meaning ‘Place of Ascension’. Mer is the first syllable of the term ‘Meridian’, and so amongst other things the Great Pyramid may have actually served as a huge Sundial – a meridienne.

An interesting article is the Grid of T Mera by Simon M. Miles 1999, in which the hieroglyph mer and the legendary Mount Meru is discussed and where these connections with the Prime Meridian and the Pyramid (the Omphalos - the navel of the Earth), which marked it, become self-evident.

The black desert it's a very controversial thing, as per official geology, these black stones (black stone like the Mecca stone that fell off from the skies), the explanation it's linked to volcanic activity, so these black stones are basaltic. Really?

Have these volcanoes disappeared long ago? Where are the volcanoes? In fact no volcanoes are found there. So how can you explain and catalogue these stones as volcanic origin?

Even some stones shows bubbles coming from inside, before full solidification.

If you look at it carefully, you will see (under my point of view), burnt rocks. A basaltic stone has no difference comparing outter layer to the inner core of the stone, these stones has different black tonalities not uniformely set and not black at all when you break it and check the inside layers. There again, burnt rocks, not basaltic rocks. Or if you want hyperoxidation process.

My hypothesis it's (I don't know WHEN), one day due to electromagnetical disbalance the sun got closer to the earth's surface, literally burning wide areas of earth, and the nodal point of that event was the KHEMET or the sacred land of Egypt (Egypt in coptic KA-PTAH, land of wisdom).

We have several indications supporting this theory.

-The strange crystal mineral found in the vecinity of the lybian desert (unique in the whole world).
Lybian Glass.
Non-impact origin of the Libyan Desert Glass

-The story of the black rock fallen from the sky, in the closer lands of arabic deserts (mecca).
Black Stone of Mecca, Hajj - Crystalinks

Senenmut Goddess (Senen-Sinai) inside the black kaaba stone

-The whole geology and sacred meaning of those lands, not only egypt, but palestine, arabia (for islam), the importance of sinaih in old coptic christianism (saint catherine's monastery), the biblical references to all those lands.

Kamil Crater Egypt and its secondary crater field
Volcanoes of Harrat Khaybar, 2010
Meet the megalith of Al-Naslaa—split in half with laser-like precision | Ancient Code
Impact Craters on Earth - Africa

-These "basaltic rocks" far from any volcan. And the appearance under "electric universe" theory the effects of plasmatic discharges forming all that landscape (those little black mountains has the appearence of little chimneys being formed exactly by plasmatic discharges).

Huge Crater Found in Egypt

-The geology of the sahara desert it's full of several areas with these "black rocks" (burnt rocks), like the Tassili, and very strange formations as the so-called "Eye of the Devil" (Ricochet formation in Mauritania).

Sahara etymology (Sahar, Saqqara, Shaj, Sheik, Shaj-Mat or Sekh-Met, the wrath of God).
(Chess -hyperoctogon 8x8=64 tears of the wadjet- came from russian known word shajmati).Check-Mate
Shahar (god) - Wikipedia

In fact Sahara (Shaj-Ara or altar to the sun).

-eye of the devil, mauritania-

Eye of the Sahara - A Geological Mystery

Glass sand crater in Egypt 26 million years old

Glass sand crater in Egypt 26 million years old

-There are lots of craters inside the sahara desert, and very strange formations under the geologist point of view.

-Sodom and gomorrah story (south of tiberiades lake), it has really unique sulfuric balls. As if it really one day some sort of "divine punishment", hit those areas.

The secret of Sodom and Gomorrah

Not only Sodom and Gomorrah...
Ancient star wars in Uzbekistan, fulgurites, tektites

Mysterious Crater Arabian Desert

Sulfuric Balls (Gomorrah)- Ron Wyatt

So we have here a mixing, far from any speculative debate, not clearly explained if you take official geology.

I take of course, mythology, despite it's a very subjective matter, as a guide telling us critical information from the past.

So this thread could be called, Khemet and the descending of the sun over the sacred land of Egypt.
Katabasis - Wikipedia

Sinai (Sine function, Sinusoidal), has some very interesting meanings. It means either Sine, or simply the point
where the union of something, or two counterparts happens. As a maternal breast.

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More like...

Undamaged Pyramid.jpg

Pyramid power!

EM Field 1.pngEM Field 2.pngEM Field 3.jpg

Anonymous comment:
This past year I was in Egypt and spent about 2 hours inside the Great Pyramid. I was able to travel into all the chambers with only about 40 people in my group. Seeing pictures of this place does no justice, it felt more like I was on Mars in a building made by Martians. The Great Pyramid is a solid state device that is still working to this day — the Great Pyramid has a heart beat (which can be heard if you lay down in the bottom-most chamber, in the dead-ended tunnel). My main takeaway was meditating in the King's Chamber. After doing some "breath of fire" breathing techniques while laying down on the floor, I could feel my body become part of the active fields within the pyramid — it felt like I was being sucked into the floor and being crushed from above at the same time. It felt very much like I became part of the circuit.​

The pyramids are not tombs. There have never been any mummies found in any of the approximately 120 known Egyptian pyramids.

Pyramid Power.jpg Pyramid Clouds.jpg

Fulcanelli was a legendary alchemist engaged in experiments relating to low-level nuclear transmutations in an apparatus which employed high power electrical discharges in an evacuated tube. He allegedly stated that geometrical arrangements of extremely pure substances suffice to loose atomic forces without the use of electricity or the vacuum technique... Source

The alchemical opus was generally described as a series of purifications which aim to produce a substance which is purer than anything found on earth. The Aristotelian elements which we perceive in the mundane world were thought to be corrupted to a greater or lesser extent, and thus were only poor approximations to the ideal elements...​
...the atomic pile (nuclear reactor) could be described as a "geometrical arrangement of extremely pure substances..."​

Chicago Pile.jpg 8-sided.gif

The point is that geometry matters. It is like magic, somehow—you've seen the salt resonance (Cymatic) experiment. People who have taken psilocybin mushrooms (a form of DMT—the legendary Soma?) will hallucinate geometry if they stare at a wall—why?? The Great Pyramid is actually 8-sided.

The pyramid recently discovered in Antarctica is 8-sided. (Uhh...I'm missing a couple sources...5000 unorganized files...great...)

Antarctica Pyramid.jpg

Antarctica Pyramid 2.jpg

Oh boy, it's getting interesting now, isn't it?

But...but...are we really positive this is a pyramid??

Strava Heatmap.png Strava Heatmap Overlay.pngAntarctica Pyramid 3.jpg

Seems likely! You've heard about US military secret base locations being exposed by personnel wearing Fitbits? That is what the above images are. Look closely and perhaps you'll see the two smaller pyramids as well.

Antarctic Treaty.jpg Global Civilization.jpg Just For Good Measure.jpg

The Antarctic Treaty meeting room is a pyramid-shaped table surrounding a pyramid with grass in the middle which resembles fire. There are pyramids on the walls. Pure coincidence! True, with the capstone missing it more closely resembles some of the other pyramids found around the world (third picture is just evidence of previous global civilization for good measure).

Antarctica — Part II

To make things slightly more ridiculus, Buzz Aldrin tweeted, then deleted:

“We are all in danger. It is evil itself.” and showed a photograph of a pyramid located at the South Pole
Mr. Aldrin seems to be referring to this object, as seen in an serial photo from Google Earth … As has been reported by worldwide media, US Secretary of State John Kerry recently traveled to the South Pole, allegedly to become better informed about “Climate Change.” Kerry was the highest ranking US government official ever to visit the South Pole, and his visit struck many as unusual. Few saw any purpose whatsoever to sending America’s top Diplomat to the farthest reaches of the earth to see … ice.
Now, with Buzz Aldrin’s tweet, and its strange deletion, folks are wondering if sending America’s top Diplomat to no-man’s land, perhaps had something to do with Diplomacy after all. Is there some entity there with which we need Diplomatic contact? … If so, why did Buzz Aldrin warn that we are all in danger? Why did he call it “Evil itself?”

While hospitalized, Aldrin learned of the death of his friend and fellow astronaut John Glenn.​
And now he's not talking.

Buzz Aldrin's Kids Claim Mental Health Tests Prove Astronaut Dad Needs Help​

Oh—he's crazy! I know the feeling...also recall that John Kerry is a member of the 7th Floor Group (Shadow Government).

Mummies & Mercury

Liquid Mercury Found At Teotihuacan

Liquid mercury has been found in large quantities beneath the Pyramid of the Feathered Serpent at Teotihuacan, Mexico.​
Mercury has only been found at three other sites in Central America, two Maya and one Olmec.​


Tombs with rivers of mercury aren’t unique to Central America. China has its own pyramids
...the tomb of China’s first Emperor Qin Shi Huang is rumoured to have… wait for it… rivers of mercury.​

Qin Pyramid.jpg

An underground dam and drainage system was discovered in 2000 and the tomb appeared not to have been flooded by the groundwater.​
Anomalously high levels of mercury in the area of the tomb mound have been detected... Source: Wikipedia

As I said before, they're not tombs. They haven't found any mummies, though they sure keep trying. Now, those of you who are gifted with intuition will understand immediately that the chances of there being two unrelated pyramids both with underground rivers of mercury is precisely zero. This is absolute, definitive proof of a civilization that had global reach.

Qi, Ki, Ka!

The Qin emperor was from a province called Qi. Qi is pronounced "chi"—the spirit energy related to Kundalini. Perhaps you've heard of it! Recall the earlier story I shared in my previous post about the man who said the Great Pyramid had a heartbeat. The type of meditation he performed was charging/focusing his Qi. It is real. I know because I can do it. The snake coming out of the Pharaoh's mask is symbolism of the Third Eye Chakra. Another side note—mercury is very special. Check our TR-3B.

Pyramid Power

It seems that all functional pyramids (maybe even all pyramids) have a subterrainian liquid source—typically water, but sometimes mercury. In my previous post you'll see how subterrainian electromagnetic energy is channelled upward from the liquid current. At the same time, the sun shines down on the superconductive capstone to make "fire in the middle." There is probably supposed to be some energy-gathering material in the middle—I am thinking some kind of purified alchemical crystalline matter. The floor, walls, and ceiling inside the King's Chamber in the Great Pyramid are made with ~55% crystalline red granite slabs for a reason.

Nikola Tesla


Oh boy, here we go again...

Atop his tower was perched a fifty-five ton dome of conductive metals, and beneath it stretched an iron root system that penetrated more than 300 feet into the Earth’s crust. “In this system that I have invented, it is necessary for the machine to get a grip of the earth,” he explained, “otherwise it cannot shake the earth. It has to have a grip… so that the whole of this globe can quiver.”​
...he erected a 142-foot mast on his laboratory roof, with a copper sphere on the tip. The tower’s substantial wiring was then routed through an exceptionally large high-voltage Tesla coil in the laboratory below.​
Tesla became convinced that his dream of world-wide wireless electricity was feasible.​
Tesla’s global power grid was designed to “pump” the planet with electricity which would intermingle with the natural telluric currents that move throughout the Earth’s crust and oceans.​
If Tesla’s plans had come to fruition, the pilot plant would have been merely the first of many. Such “magnifying transmitter” towers would have peppered the globe, saturating the planet with free electricity and wireless communication as early as the 1920s.​
Magnifying transmitter towers, hmmm.................rooftop decor. Let's continue...

Tesla also reveled in the amount of thunderstorms that passed through, and was curious to see if lightning did indeed “charge” the earth every time it struck. We now know that lightning also travels from the ground up, so it is possible that Tesla wasn’t far off in his theories. The first prototype he built, the Wardenclyffe Tower, was basically a large octagonally-shaped capacitor, with a gold domed capstone that discharged any build-up or excess energy. Its iron foundation reached 300 feet into the ground.​

So, there's the subterrainian water source and the gold capstone. Is it becoming clear that he copied the pyramid design?

Continuing on...

Interestingly, the outer casing of the Great Pyramid of Giza was covered by ‘white tufa limestone,’ put together in such a way that nothing could fit in between the stones. It is noteworthy to mention that the ‘white tufa limestone’ used in the outer casing of the Great Pyramid of Giza does not contain magnesium and has very high insulating properties. It is believed that this sophisticated insulation property allowed the ancient Egyptians to fully control the release of energy from within the Pyramid.​
In addition, to the outer casing, the stone blocks used in the inner parts of the Great Pyramid were made from another form of limestone, which contains small amounts of crystals and metals which are believed to be two important properties that allowed maximum power transmission. Even more interestingly is the fact that the shafts built inside the Great pyramid were made of granite, and is a slightly radioactive substance permitting the ionization of the air inside the air shafts of the Great Pyramid, similar characteristics can be found in a conductive insulating cable.​

Another good link...

In this patent Tesla says, that if natural mediums, such as air, is subjected to disturbances of high potential and high frequency, the medium becomes a conductor and you can use that to transmit energy through it. This time there are no wires, the basic setup is the same, but now there is a capacity attached to the high tension wire of the secondary of the transmitter. Telsa states that the capacity, preferably in a spherical form, should be elevated in air as much as possible for best results. Also the reciever coils are the mirror image of the transmitter coils. And the heavy gauge coils are not grounded. The high frequency high voltage oscillations excite the air around the elevated capacity and this makes some stratas or chanells of rarified (or ionized?) air to appear through which electricity can flow at great distances almost without any losses.​
If you had a device that transmitted wireless electricity, you could power your Fasces, hmm?


Hey, look! There's some icy pyramids there, too! While mummies are not inside pyramids, they are surely nearby. You don't suppose they'd clone a mummy, do you? Surely they'd stop at man-pigs.
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Iron Pyramid on the Chinese / Gobi desert border.
Very mysterious. I hope its the real deal.


iron pyramid.jpeg