Panama Rocks - Niagara Falls State Park


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I was actually thinking about sending this to Wise Up, but he has already yelled at all of us to stop sending him stuff because he has a day job or something. Here is the story.... there is a place called Panama Rocks over in the Niagara Falls region (also similar to another place we have in these parts called Thunder Rocks). It's the usual millions of year old rocks and sediment and large rocks that come at you out of nowhere. Ok, no big deal, 300 million years ago, blah blah blah, but this picture caught my eye and I think it's a goldmine for Wise Up. Is this a face?


Panama Rocks: Come explore an enchanting world of towering rocks, deep crevices and passageways, cool, cavernous dens, and small caves! The rock formations are a unique outcrop of 300 million year old quartz conglomerate sedimentary rock that extend about half a mile and reach upwards of 60 feet tall. Grotesque roots snake down the rocks and delicate ferns, mosses, and lichens add to Panama Rock’s unique, jungle-like charm. The forest at Panama Rocks is recognized and included in The Sierra Club’s Guide to the Ancient Forests of the Northeast and is home to 800+ year old hemlocks, and other species of venerable trees, including ash, beech, black cherry, elm, red maple, and sugar maple.

Some other interesting photos that are difficult to reckon with. Otherwise, just a post to share. Here is the Buffalo News story that I dug these from.

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It could be a face...or it could be just a rock that looks like a face from only one side. I'd like to see it from the other side, as well.