MUD a different angle.


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It seems its moot anyway. youtube has had the truth of it all along, apparently. 1811-12: Destruction Hypothesis
Thanks for taking part I truly appreciate it.
No need to be salty. ;)

Magnetic was discussing this video last October, but it got no traction.
People come around when they are ready, or it takes time to get 100 monkeys.

Both of your mud flood threads have been great brainstorming.
Comets do seem to have led to resets in 1811, 1570, and 1490.
Perhaps the earth being a quarry (or geoengineered) facilitates the mud action.

Ice Nine

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Not sure which "mud thread" to put this in. I was watching something the other day and they were showing this. Mud Volcanoes.

I think all of Earth's problems started after the world wide mining and deforestation took place. Which I also put far back in time, don't know when, but not that recently. Thousands of years ago.

Gobustan offers a high concentration of mud volcanoes, which are natural-occurring formations of slurries, water, and gas, caused by imbalance of subterranean pressures. Mud volcanoes are not true volcanoes as they do not exude magma, but rather, mud slurry material. Aside from the mud volcanoes, Gobustan National Park is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its ancient rock engravings.



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How anyone could find these buildings even if it was gentle enough not to destroy them is anyone's guess.
I'm only a short way in to comments so someone has probably said this already, but I was raised on an "infirm firmament", a place that had regular earthquakes and occasional volcanic eruptions. Not TOO often with the eruptions, but often enough to know that ash falls like snow- gently, quietly and sometimes very thickly.
It leaves a serious mess, and after rain or cloud, the moisture solidifies the ash.
It becomes mud, and eventually it hardens further. Sulphuric (yellowish) dirt usually. Pretty much sterile to begin with.
I remember Nik Research repeatedly mentioning the yellowness of the dirt.

Looking at the mud flood idea using this lens makes sense to me.
Personally I suspect this most recent major ash-fall event happened around the 1812 Napoleons Comet/Tecumseh's Comet because of the style of architecture in places I've lived like London etc. which had buried first floors, now called 'basement flats.'

A while ago, on this this site, I found a link to an English paper which had published many letters from people about a dust storm which happened in Northern Africa, and how that yellow dust interfered with the light quality, the air quality and the water which went stale.

But is a comet a flaming ball of rock? Or is it more like a 'finger of God', like a bolt of lightning from the sky? I am not sure now. Nik also made a good point of explaining the 'phenomenon' of a twister to be an electrical discharge too. So- given to wonder about these things now.

I suppose, if one took the IT WAS WAR angle, and I'm not at that point myself, the demolition of the twin towers left a fairly significant amount of dust in its wake.
If an entire city was razed as were many in those great fires, a weaponised destruction could be responsible, but it leaves too many if's...

UNLESS, (I probably ought to put this thought in the Great Fires section... ) what if those great fires in the cities were powered by electricity, that free Tesla-style electricity from domes and spires (or whathaveyou);
The whole city is electrified for free and grounded, all is well, and if those buildings contain steel girders whose greatest amount of metal is iron... and then the sun shoots out a flare which "attacks" the cities in the same way a finger reaches out to one of those plasma balls...

I'm taking the rest of this thought to the Great Fires thread.

Can I get an electric shock from a plasma ball?
A plasma ball works at a high frequency, so it’s a good idea to keep metals away from it because this can give you an electric shock. This means things like wedding rings, as they can conduct electricity and give you a pretty nasty electric shock. Metal will make the plasma concentrate solely on this area, which can cause an electric shock.

Do plasma balls get hot?
Another question which people often ask is just why plasma balls get hot, and how long you can hold your hands on them before burning yourself. You shouldn’t burn yourself on any plasma ball even if you hold your hand on it for an extended period of time, but they can get a little heated. So, make sure that you don’t touch it constantly for too long a period of time.


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I love the idea of a time 'reset'. This would make a great deal of sense as to why the buildings look perfect after being sunk into the mood(Philadelphia Experiment/seamen embedded into the ship). It would also answer the question as to why all of the Asylums--time distortions can cause mental collapse, unless you had some sort of grounding. Sort of like putting a magnet in the guts of a computer, it would wipe out the memory).
Could we all be suffering from amnesia because of being shifted in time?
Who would have shifted us time? I've read about Time Lords all throughout my New Age infatuation.
Where did all the people go after the MudFlooding? Cities appear empty and so do the cemeteries.
Thank you for the mud flood theory. It really gives a serious look at what mud is, and how it would affect the buildings.