Mozart's work was stolen from Saint-Georges. 'Amadeus' tells the story, inverted.


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The real author of Mozart's 'work' found himself on the wrong side of Tartarian history as Napoleon took over France and moved to immediately destroy French Tartary, and Russian Tartary in 1812 with the help of the country of Moscovia (now the city of Moscow).

Joseph Bologne Chevalier de Saint-Georges was a French celebrity who was both an accomplished musician and swordsman. He was even known internationally, with US president John Adams going so far as to say that Saint-Georges was 'the most accomplished man in Europe'.

While Mozart’s symphonies was receiving inferior performances in Paris, Saint-Georges was leading one of the best orchestras in Europe. One had talent, and the other didn't.

The film and play 'Amadeus' portrays a mildly talented composer named Antonio Salieri, who believes Mozart's music is divine and miraculous. In reality, it is Mozart who is jealous of Saint-Georges, and Salieri is the agent of chaos who organizes the deception after his death. Such is the inverted reality that agents of chaos would have us live in.

It is also a metafiction that mistakes were never made in composition. Supposedly, he was just writing down music that was already perfectly composed in his head. The reality is that Saint-Georges' originals had plenty of corrections. However, when his work was copied, the author's name was changed to 'Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart', and the originals were destroyed, as producing authentic-looking 'proofs of work' would have been quite difficult with such complicated pieces. It also makes Mozart look like a genius.

The attached portrait on the left used the engraving of Saint-Georges as a model.


In this way, Wolfgang Mozart is still himself, but his work was the work of Saint-Georges.
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