Lutheran Chronograph


Can anyone give me more information about this book? I am extremely interested to know the contents.
Anyone here know how to read Russian?

All I can find online is Fomenko's little blurb: LUTHERAN CHRONOGRAPH
The original is available for download there. Maybe someone can translate parts of it?

«Lutheran Chronograph» of the XVII century. A valuable source, which we used many times in our studies. This is its full name:

«Lutheran Chronograph», 1680. Russian translation of 1720. Published in Petersburg in 1720 under the name: "Featron or historical shame, telling everywhere the history of Scripture and civil history. After ten ends. Time of all Tsars, Imperators, Holy Fathers and brave men. And other events from the beginning of piece up to Summer of 1680 shortly for convenient memory, collected by Wilhelm Strattemann. Now translated from Latin into Russian in St.Petersburg in 1720".

Translation was made by bishop of Ryazan Gavril Buzhinskiy from the lost now original. In 1749 the book was forbidden by the ordinance of Elizaveta Petrovna and withdrawn. Today it is possible to find it in a number of libraries, for example, in the library of the State Historical Museum (Moscow), and also in private collections.