Israel, 1600's


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This post today is about some maps I was alerted to by a youtube video here.

First map will be a map of canaan, it can be found here. This link takes you to and on that site we searched for "canaan". Then found a file called Renaissance Exploration Map Collection.

The video points out that the "lion of judah" or Iudah is the same as the "House of Habsburg". But then again, many royal houses use a similar lion.

There are some other interesting features about this map that I would like to highlight.

First is Sodom and Gamora, looks like a good spot to search for some lost cities where people may have been turned into salt.


Next is the norther lands which were known as phoenicia. I have herd alot of different stories about these people. Phoenicia contains both DAN and ASHER tribes. Tribe of DAN is actually on the map twice. The other time is not far from "ierusalem".