Great postcard finds showing old buildings


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I was in a little antique/retro clothing shop called Snap-Snap, here in Prescott AZ, and decided to browse the rack of old postcards. I'm glad I did, because I found some really good ones that show old architecture from around the world. I bought five of them, scanned them, and thought I'd post them here. I don't know how many of these are still standing, as I haven't gone looking for them yet.


This one is titled "SENS Yonne--La Cathedrale." France, I presume? Asymmetrical design, tall tower on the right, familiar cymatic-pattern round windows.


"Catedral Mexico." Domes, metal devices all over the place, including an enormous pole between the two main towers. Below each tower, you can see steps leading up to entrances that seem to have been windows originally. (There is writing on the back of this one, indicating that one Mrs. I. Rodgers had visited several locations in Mexico and was ready to come home. It is dated Aug. 16, 1953.)


"Bologna--Torri Asinelli e Garisenda." Well, we've seen these ancient skyscrapers before, and they still exist. It looks to me as if the leaning tower was designed that way. The fact that it is still standing, despite leaning at such an angle, says something about the quality and advancement of engineering in the past.


"Den Haag Stadhuis," in the Netherlands. I did look up this one, and it is NOT the same "Den Haag Stadhuis" that exists today. The old one was destroyed and replaced by an ugly modern structure with modern electrical wiring. They could have had free electricity, but I guess that wasn't good enough.


This one shows four locations in Basel, Switzerland. Top left: Rathaus und Martinskirche. (Pointy towers, metal devices, etc.) Top right: Basel, Münster. Bottom left: Strassburgerdenkmal. Bottom right: Spalentor.

I hadn't thought of looking at old postcards for information on ancient architecture, but shall be looking for more to add to this thread in the future.