Gobekli Tepe - 12,000 year old pre-historic site

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So I just wanted to make a quick comment about Gobekli tepe, but I couldn't find a thread specifically about it. So just to be clear, above is a wikipedia link about it.

Anyway, I just wanted to observe that gobekli tepe supposedly was entirely buried sometime after it was built and remained undiscovered for something like ten thousand years.


Although we don't know this place to be a city, it now strikes me as -another- place completely buried under the ground. Maybe just no one ever came back to dig it out, as other places may have been dug out? But it was buried by the same mechanisms as other places we know to have been partially buried?

Then, one other thing I wanted to throw out- when i first heard of gobekli tepe and they said it was buried- I took that to mean people had deliberately buried it. What I mean is, I kind of pictured people with wheelbarrows or something coming and literally burying the whole complex.


Now, knowing that so many other places were buried, I would think it was not buried on purpose.

But I just wanted to turn this whole discussion on its head and say that it kind of seems like there is an unspoken understanding that all these places that were buried that some nefarious agency was burying these places. Essentially you might say these cities were something like 'victims' of something, and everyone is trying to figure out what.

So just for thinking purposes, what if the 'good' thing was for these places to be buried, and the 'bad' thing was to dig them out?
I disagree that Gobekli Tepe was buried for nefarious reasons. I am of the opinion that Gobekli Tepe was an observatory converted into a time capsule. The sages studied the stars and the stars told them of apocalyptic events that were to come and decided to make a time capsule in case of survivors. When we first got a glimpse of it, was too much for most to handle. I think it is like still 95% buried...because some people are still afraid of the truth.

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When it was first being talked about and it was said it was buried intentionally, well first off, what a massive job that must have been. And then secondly, my modern mind can only come up with 2 reasons, they wanted to hide it because they wanted to come back one day and use the site again, or something horrendous was happening there and the perpetrators either were killed or run off, or just left and the people that were left wanted to erase it by burying it. Even though that seem like a crazy amount of work.

The big T pillars look to be supports for a second floor to the structures. I like this site reconstruction example. I think there was another level to these structures, the bottom part they were keeping animals and people perhaps, for sport or food or both! there was only one way in or out. Who knows, just one of many ideas. OR people could have been living there, what better way to be safe, only one way in or out.

And further speculation/opinion about not everything being a Temple or Temple complex. It drives me nuts, how everything is either labeled a temple or a tomb. Sheesh.
Archaeologist argues world's oldest temples were not temples at all
"He outlines growing archaeological evidence for daily activities at the site, such as flintknapping and food preparation. "The presence of this evidence suggests that the site was not, after all, devoid of residential occupation, but likely had quite a large population," Banning said.

And I like this guy's ideas too.
It's a very interesting site. By the style of burial (as far as I'm aware, pebble/small stone deposits), it seems more likely that it was intentionally buried - but then, the reasons for that are open to question. I always assumed it was a situation wherein a competing group was threatening the builders/users of the site, and they hid it intentionally so that it wouldn't be "misused". But it might equally well be that it was to protect it from some oncoming disaster, or that another group buried it because of what had been done there.

One of the interesting facets of the site is that some of the relief work on the stones seems to show "extinct" animal species - whether this is true or not I can't say, but it's what I heard. American megafauna that supposedly died off during one of the earlier catastrophes. Maybe this was the site of a "restart" of civilisation? The survivors of the previous world wound up there, put their knowledge to use, built the site to encode/express their earlier culture, and then had to depart due to changing climatic/environmental conditions? Who can say. But an interesting site nonetheless.

Given the New Chronology, it seems less likely that the site was built c. 11,500 BC, as a number of people are suggesting. But even so, it would count amongst some of the oldest structures (left) in the world - definitely not the oldest set of buildings, but certainly one of the oldest that still remains, no doubt due to the success of its hiding. Suicufnoc is right - most of the site is still buried, and what they've excavated so far is only the topmost layers. Most of it is still deeply buried. Something like 45-50 times the size of Stonehenge, all in all... Quite a remarkable feat of engineering, for the supposed "hunter-gatherers" that prevailed in the area at the time it was built (i.e. they have no idea what was going on when this place was constructed, and whichever way you read it, it challenges the received ideology....).

I did have a thought the other day, after going through some of the threads on this forum - if Stonehenge is a recent construction/reconstruction, then who's to say that Gobekli Tepe isn't also a more recent structure, that was backfilled in order to "appear" to be ancient to some degree? It could all still fit in with the narrative of "construction of (ancient) history" - just like with the Greco-Roman civilisation, Egypt, etc. Maybe it's only 500-1,000 years old, but has been repurposed to look like a more ancient site, purposefully covered over to add more weight to the narrative of "ancient civilisation", and to push the date for the deluge back as far as possible? I don't know, at this point I'm beyond belief/disbelief on these subjects, only open to more information. Interesting that they're basically "not allowed" to do any research there, since the area is (conveniently) more or less a warzone... Maybe competing factions amongst "TPTB" are trying to use these sites to different purposes, or some are trying to obscure them/cover them up, others want them to support the narratives they want to spread... All very suspicious.