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February 11, 1998 (Japan)
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The Alita Battle Angel thread reminded me of this game... well, actually, the world reminds me of this game and I sometimes say (to myself because no one knows what I'm talking about) "everything I need to know I learned from Xenogears". So many parallels (though I'm probably off the whole "interplanetary weapon seeding humanity bit", but your mileage may vary).

This post could actually be about the whole Xeno series (Xenosaga and Xenoblade, the latter I haven't really played), but let's keep it, uh... simple. The game takes elements from LOTS of media, but it is still, to me, the most ambitious plot ever told in any medium. Plot "summary" follows (I've bolded some key parts... you may only want to read them, but I've included the whole article for context):

Xenogears Earth
The planet Xenogears is set on is often referred to as "Earth".

Xenogears takes place on an unnamed planet. Like many RPGs, it features a world ranging from peaceful country villages to technologically advanced empires. Mankind has taken to digging and excavation to find giant robots known as Gears, which they use to wage wars but also for construction, further excavation and other mundane tasks, as well as in some countries, entertainment via gladiatorial combat.

Xenogears Intro
I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.

About 10,000 years ago prior to the events of Xenogears, in the year T.C. 4767, the Eldridge, a gigantic interplanetary emigrant spacecraft was transporting a deadly weapon, as well as a mysterious monolith. One of the passengers on the ship, a boy called "Abel", touched and contacted a yellow monolith called the Zohar.

Soon afterwards, the spacecraft suffered a sudden shipwide systems malfunction caused by a mysterious entity taking control over the ship. Before the spacecraft's crew could respond, Deus had already taken control of the entire ship. On the monitors that warned of the ensuing danger, a message began to scroll across the screen: "Ye shall be as gods". As the passengers and crew attempted to evacuate, the spacecraft's own laser cannons turned and shot them down.

The mother of humanity arises naked from the wreckage of the Eldridge.

The captain, Shigeyoshi Inoue, had no choice but to activate the ship's self-destruct mechanism. In a flash of light, the spacecraft fell to a nearby planet, killing approximately 1,200,000 passengers. In the fallen wreckage, a naked woman with violet purple hair slowly rose, her dark eyes reflecting the dawn's breaking light- the start of the day that 'god' and 'humankind' fell to earth.

Fei's story begins
The unnamed world of Xenogears

9999 years later, on the continent of Ignas, the nations of Avehand Kislev have been waging a centuries long war. A church-like organization dedicated to preserving the world's culture known as the Ethos, has recently excavated giant fighting robots called Gears, which have almost entirely replaced the need for human infantry. Although Kislev was gaining the upper hand in the war, a mysterious army known as Gebler appeared and started providing assistance to Aveh. With Gebler's help, Aveh not only recovered their losses, but began making their way into Kislev's territory.

The game itself begins in the small town of Lahan Village, which is near the border of Aveh. The player is introduced to Fei Fong Wong, an amnesic eighteen-year-old young man who was mysteriously brought to Lahan by a "Masked Man" three years prior. Since then, Fei led a pleasant life, and is awaiting the marriage of his two best friends, Alice and Timothy.
Fei horrified by the destruction of Lahan.

One night, while visiting the local doctor, Citan Uzuki, in his nearby mountain home, Fei is shocked to find a group of Gears flying towards Lahan. By the time Fei makes it back, the town is burning as the Gears storm their way through the village. Fei finds a mysterious unmanned Gearand, despite Citan's protests, gets aboard.

Initially, Fei has some success fending off the attackers, but when he sees his friend Timothy shot and killed, something awakens in Fei, causing the Gear to go berserk. The village is destroyed, killing many of the attackers and villagers in the process.

After the destruction of Lahan Village, a distraught Fei is exiled by the remaining villagers. Fei decides to flee to Aveh alone to avoid possible enemy reinforcements.
Elehayym "Elly" Van Houten, a Gebler soldier.

Upon entering the Blackmoon Forest, Fei encounters a strange female Gebler soldier named Elehayym "Elly" Van Houten, whom he feels a strange connection towards.

Fei eventually meets Grahf in a desert, who claims to know about Fei's past. Eventually, Fei and Citan are picked up by Bartholomew "Bart" Fatima, a desert pirate and heir to the throne of Aveh. Later, Fei again loses control of himself inside his Gear while Bart and Citan are attacked by an unknown red Gear.

Fei wakes up in a Kislev prison in Nortune and meets Wiseman, a mysterious masked man, who originally brought Fei to Lahan. With the help of Citan, who is posing as the prison doctor, and Hammer, a demihuman merchant, Fei rises through the prison's ranking system to become the new 'Champion', earning his freedom. As Fei is summoned to meet Kaiser Sigmund, the former Champion and demihuman Rico Banderas infiltrates the sector, taking advantage of the lightened security in order to assassinate Sigmund. Upon being discovered, Rico hides in the Kaiser's wife's room, which causes him to realize that he is the Kaiser's son. Rico is then captured, and Fei and Citan go to rescue him, just as troops Solaris begins raining bombs from above.

Xenogears 045 Course Change
The city of Nortune, Kislev is lost.

As Solaris begins their 'Purge' on Nortune, Fei faces Elly and, taking her out of her Gear, he confronts her with the fiery ruins of Nortune, confronting her with Gebler and Solaris's heinous actions. Leaving a distraught Elly, Fei joins Rico to fight against Dominia Yizkor, who is piloting the bomb ship Hecht. After the battle, the Hecht falls towards the city center's nuclear reaction, threatening to destroy the entire region. Fei and Rico attempt to use their Gears to steer the massive ship off course, but find themselves unable to move the ship on their own. Elly arrives in her Gear and joins the effort. As it falls instead towards the residential district, Fei's and Rico's Gears begin to overheat, and they are forced to withdraw. Elly resolves to push the ship by herself, an act she nearly pays for with her life, if not for the sudden interference of a mysterious winged Gear.

Now fugitives for helping Rico, in order to escape the Kislev Empire, Fei's group decides to steal the airplane "Goliath" in the Goliath Factory. As they do so, they are intercepted by Grahf. As Fei, Rico, and Elly battle Grahf, Citan and Hammer manage to use the airplane's defenses against him, repelling him away. As the crew, save Fei, celebrates, the Goliath is accidentally shot down by Bart's ship into the sea, separating Fei and Elly from the rest of the party.

They are rescued by the Thames, a movable floating city ship. After learning Elly's whereabouts, Gebler attacks Thames to kidnap Elly and Myyah Hawwa, a Gebler officer, unsuccessfully brainwashes her. Kahran Ramsus, who holds a vendetta against Fei, attacks Thames, searching for him. Elly returns to the party and Fei is left in critical condition. Billy Lee Black, an Ethos worker on board Thames, allows Fei to use the Ethos' advanced medical technology. Bishop Isaac Stone, Ethos' leader, reveals to the party Ethos's true purpose of controlling the land dwellers, or "Lambs", for Solaris. (BANTA: The Ethos is very clearly a substitute for the Catholic Church in this game, and a large part of the "controversy" surrounding the game when it was released)

Karellen, one of Solaris' leaders.

The group follows Stone to the ruins of Zeboim, an excavation site. They discover a young girl composed of nanomachines named Emeralda. Stone, acting under the orders of a man named Karellen, takes Emeralda while the party fights the Elements Tolone and Seraphita.

After defeating the Elements, the party catches up to Stone on a skywalk overlooking Zeboim. This is when, Id, the mysterious red Gear's pilot, intervenes, also attempting to take Emeralda. Wiseman arrives to hold Id back, commanding the group to go after Stone.
The group regroups, and finds Fei awake and standing at his Gear with a case of amnesia. Fei and his friends decide to ally themselves with the floating city of Shevat, the only remaining city capable of resisting Solaris. They climb the Babel Tower to reach Shevat, where they meet Maria Balthasar and rest of the Chu-chus.

Back on the surface, the group defeats Shakhan, the corrupt ruler of Aveh. Bart becomes the rightful king of Aveh and stops the war with Kislev.

The group defeats gates on the surface to unlock the way to Solaris. At the final gate, Sargasso Point, the group encounters Emeralda once again, now as their opponent. She attacks at first, but recognizes Fei, referring to him as "Kim", much to Fei's confusion. The group successfully infiltrates Solaris via Maria's Gear, Seibzehn.

Xenogears - Soylent System scene
Fei and Elly are horrified after realizing what Soylent is made from.

In Solaris, the group discovers that Solaris is actually a futuristic dystopia in the sky, using organizations like the Ethos to funnel resources from the surface, including slaves. Citan soon reveals himself to be Hyuga Ricdeau, a spy who has been working for Emperor Cain, the leader of Solaris. The party also learns that the Gazel Ministry seeks to revive Deus and achieve eternal life, while Karellen seeks to obtain Elly, as she is needed to resurrect Deus.

Medena Van Houten, Elly's mother, is imprisoned with her husband, Erich Van Houten, when the Imperial Guard comes looking for Elly on Karellen's orders. She is eventually rescued by Hammer, who unfortunately turns on the group and tries to take Elly to Karellen. Medena steps in between Elly and Hammer, prompting Hammer to shoot her in the head when she refuses to move. Erich also dies, killed by Grahf while trying to protect Elly. Overwhelmed, Fei becomes Id and completely destroys Solaris.

Back at Shevat, Citan informs his friends that Id is actually Fei's split personality. Meanwhile, Fei and Elly are chased by Ramsus and are struck down. Mortally wounded, they are rescued by Taura Melchior.

Part 2 1565717564093.gif
After a period of three weeks, Fei and Elly are healed by Taura and his nanotechnology. Everyone regroups and Elly and Emeralda go to the Mass Driver Facility to release the Limiters of everyone on the planet. However, in doing so, some turn into Wels.
Blood for the Blood God
Elly slits her palms for a 'have not' Sufal.

Fei and his allies went from place to place, destroying all the Soylent System facilities located on the surface of the earth and freeing the people held at each location. All the people that had been mutated were taken in by Nisan where they received treatment.

Fei and his allies then decide to collect Anima Relics before Solaris' remaining forces do, as they can transform Gears into Omnigears. After exploring Anima Dungeon One and Anima Dungeon Two, Hammer appears as a monstrous Wel-Gear hybrid, having been transformed by Karellen. Hammer is defeated, and Elly is no longer willing to fight.

Ramsus assassinates Emperor Cain after being manipulated into doing so by Myyah and Karellen at the behest of the Gazel Ministry. The Gazel Ministry then uses the Gaetia Key, an artifact that manipulates the DNA of humans around the world, turning a majority into mutant Wels, in order to collect the parts necessary to reconstruct Deus, the very same entity that crash-landed on the planet ten thousand years ago. Mahanon, where Deus is located, is resurrected from the sea.
Holy Mother Sophia of Nisan.

During this time, Elly and Fei become romantically involved with each other, remembering that they are the reincarnations of Sophia and Lacan. Lacan was a painter while Sophia was the Holy Mother of Nisan around the time of the war between Shevat and Solaris five-hundred years earlier. Lacan, blaming himself for Sophia's death, became Grahf and sought to destroy the world in revenge. Although defeated, Grahf has transmigrated his mind into other humans since. Elly stays behind and assists Nisan for her own safety.

In Mahanon, which turns out to be part of the Eldridge, Fei and his allies defeat Deus' larval form. Grahf, in Alpha Weltall, appears and defeats the group. Grahf almost kills Fei, but is stopped by Karellen. Instead, the party, sans Elly, is crucified at a mountain called Golgoda.
In Nisan, Elly senses that Fei is in danger, which is confirmed when Karellen sends a message, saying that if she wants to save them, she must go to Golgoda. Elly does so and defeats Mugwort and Rattan, but is kidnapped by Karellen. Karellen lets Fei and his allies go, knowing they will come back to rescue her. As the final parts of the plan come into place, Karellen and Myyah dispose of the Gazel Ministry, as they are no longer necessary.

The party returns in their Omnigears to Merkava to rescue Elly, only to face a crazed Ramsus, who reveals his origin. 14 years ago, Ramsus was created to be the prototype for an artificial 'Contact', but his destiny was discarded when Myyah discovered her new incarnation's son, Fei, was the true Contact.
Xenogears FMV - The awakening - 17 25
Myyah awakens in Elly and shoots Fei.

After defeating Ramsus, the party arrives to see Elly, now bound to a cross. Karellen explains that Elly, as the Mother, must be sacrificed in order to revive Deus. As the party struggles to free Elly, Ramsus arrives, and, goaded by Myyah about how she used him, kills Myyah. As Myyah dies, she remarks that, as someone fated to be unable to kill herself, Ramsus had done what she wanted. As Fei frees Elly, a gunshot is heard. As Fei slumps back against Citan it is revealed that Elly is the who shot Fei. As her hair color, facial expression, and choice of words change, it becomes evident that Elly has turned into Myyah. The party is forced to retreat as Merkava raises into the sky, firing a red beam of destruction on the land below.
Xenogears - 45 - Fei Talks To Existence
Fei talks to the Wave Existence.

Fei, as Id, attempts to make contact with the Zohar, located in the Land of Bethlehem. Wiseman, who reveals himself to be Fei's father Khan Wong, stops him, giving peace to Fei's other personalities. Fei's Gear transforms into the Xenogears and Grahf appears, revealing that he had been inside Fei's father's body. At this time, Fei makes contact with the Wave Existence, an extra-dimensional being who is trapped inside Deus and the Zohar and is the source of power for all Gears, and learns that he must destroy Deus to free humanity. Grahf, who tries to merge with Fei, is defeated.
Elly in Kadomony in the eye of the Zohar.

Fei discovers that he is a reincarnation of Abel, the same young boy who was a passenger on board the Eldridge, which was being used to transport Deus, the core of an interplanetary invasion system created by a federation of spacefaring humans that was deemed far too dangerous for use and therefore dismantled and moved. Deus, however, had become self-aware and took over the Eldridge. Amidst the confusion, Abel was separated from his mother and accidentally made contact with the Wave Existence through the Zohar, Deus' power source. It gave him the power to one day destroy Deus and the Zohar in order to free itself. The Wave Existence also sensed Abel's longing for his mother and used the biological computer Kadomony to create a woman for a companion.

Kadomony fei
Kadomony, a biological supercomputer capable of creating artificial conscious life.

When Deus gained full control over the Eldridge, the captain decided to initiate the self-destruct sequence in an attempt to destroy it. Both Deus and the Zohar survived the explosion and landed on a nearby planet along with Abel, under the protection of the Wave Existence. He was the sole survivor, but was soon united with the woman that the Wave Existence had created for him as a companion, Elly.
Meanwhile, Myyah, Elly's 'other half', along with Cain and the Gazel Ministry, began watching over the first human civilizations on the planet, preparing for the day when they would be turned into Wels and absorbed into Deus to recover its strength.

Xenogears - Timeless Love & Tragedy
Abel's reincarnations.

When the now-adult Abel and Elly discovered this, they openly challenged Cain and the Gazel Ministry, but were silenced and killed. However, through the power of the Wave Existence, they are able to be reincarnated in later eras to combat Deus. One of these incarnations lived during an ancient, yet technologically advanced, era in Zeboim, where Abel's incarnation went by the name Kim Kasim and created Emeralda.

Fei sets out to destroy Deus and free the Wave Existence and Elly. The party defeats Deus, but they realize that the energy released from the Wave Existence's shift will destroy the planet. Elly, inside Deus, tries to move it away from the planet and Fei, in his Xenogears, follows to save her, both disappearing into the rift.

Final Boss Urobolus - Xenogears
Urobolus, Myyah's final form.

Karellen confronts them, telling Fei he only sought to end the pain and suffering that comes with human existence by reverting everything back to when it all began, when all was one, to ascend to the realm of God - to return to waves. Fei rejects Karellen's ideology with his love for Elly, but Karellen challenges Fei, telling him to prove this love that could make him independent of God, and summons Urobolus, a gigantic serpent-like incarnation of Myyah. Xenogears appears and Fei uses it to defeat Urobolus.

Karellen chooses to release Elly and reveals to Fei that he had planned to become one with God along with Elly. During her time with Karellen, Elly had seen inside his heart and realized it was full of sadness and despair for all the atrocities he had committed. Despite everything, Elly says that Karellen truly loved people more than anyone else. Because no one will forgive his sins, he declines Fei's offer to return and ascends to a higher plane of existence along with the Wave Existence, telling Fei and Elly that he envies them.

Fei and Elly then return to their planet along with Xenogears and reunite with the rest of the party. At the very end of the game, Kadomony is seen on the cliff and a mystical feather falls from the sky. Finally, "XENOGEARS Episode V" appears on the screen, indicating that the game is actually Episode V.