Freemasonry: original meaning of the word


The term originally derives from the longer and more complete term “freestone mason.” The earliest example of this appeared in Latin in the year 1212, and was “sculptores lapidum liberorum,” meaning “sculptors of free stone.” from Quora.

Wikipedia pretty much doubles down, "The earliest masonic texts each contain some sort of a history of the craft, or mystery, of masonry."

What if the word "Freemasonry" means masonry for free? As in... they arrived and took possession of somebody else's stone made structures.

Free Masonry
and the very first Freemasons

Indianapolis, Indiana, circa 1907. Soldiers and Sailors Monument.jpg


On point I just saw this today, made me think about this site:

YouTube comment-
"Freemason are the ones who claimed these architectures as their own and built on top of them all over the world..Free construction because they did not build any of them; true story. Creator keeps uncovering truth after truth"


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AFAIAA masonic orders can be either free or accepted but Im not sure what the differences are.

on the flip side, what if one of these ancient orders actually knows who the original builders were or perhaps they are actually the heirs or keepers from/for them?

being a closed source org I doubt they will be publicizing these answers but I have noticed more and more that many of their very old publications are becoming more available. this also makes me wonder why that is too?

I think that A. Pike book Morals and Dogma has always been publicly available and I have read some of it (its HUGE) and for sure it has some of the most serious knowledge of the ancient magis I have ever read so it would not surprise me if some or perhaps many of the answers to these types of questions is in there.

It would probably take a year to read it if you spent 8 hours a day on it though.

I am more inclined to think they are the official record keepers/holders of the oldest known to man and also hold these old buildings in trust for the ones who created/owned them.

I dont like that it is a closed source organization at all and I still try to figure out how that can be a good thing but it could be that the original creators/owners wanted it that way?

"hey young man, we're leaving for an extended trip indefinitely, we will give you the use of all of this stuff if you just swear to this secret oath and sign this NDA and maintenance contract under penalty of DEATH"

p.s. where is that first picture from? it looks familiar.. Atlanta?
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