Forget Sumeria. It's impossible to decipher an unknown language


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I'm not saying it's impossible, but I'm also not wholly convinced that a person (or even a genius AI) could decipher a language with absolutely no frame of reference. Let's do a small exercise with Chinese, since it was brought up before as an example of an intuitive writing system.

Try to guess what this means:


Good example, considering that most of these characters have multiple meanings that only come to light within context.

Good luck with that! =)


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Just viewed the Volynich decryption videos.
The method reminded me of a Edgar Allan Poe story, where the protagonist decrypted a treasure map, written with numerical values (numbers) instead of letters. Just can't remember the name of the story ...
My point - an old method of en/decryption ("statistical analysys"), I can't understand why linguists failed to come up with it.
Or - my guess - they did, and the results contradict the current conception of history.

Jim Duyer

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Genesis 1:1
Hebrew to English

1254 create; cut; select, feed
7225 first
9004 PREFIX in;at;to;on;among;with;towards;according to;by;because of
8064 be lofty;the sky;aloft
9005 PREFIX the;this;whether or
0853 entity;self;even;namely
0430 gods;god;magistrate
0776 be firm;earth;land (this one is a guess!)
9005 PREFIX the;this;whether or
0853 entity;self;even;namely
9007 PREFIX and;then ;also;then;yet

King James version

In the beginning 7225 ´Élöhîm אֱלֹהִים 430 created 1254 853 z8804 the heaven 8064 and y853 the earth. 776

Assuming hebrew is read left to right how does one make sense of the hebrew to english translations?
Maybe its just me but it appears to me that if the assumption is that the translation is accurate (and I have no way to know) then clearly the KJB version is cobblers, made up for whatever purpose but to me the Hebrew version can be made to say just about anything anyway (or am I not seeing something others can which begs the question why is gods word hidden from non hebrew speakers) so what is to say it too isn't made up cobblers?
It's read right to left. On the page that you refer to, on the left side you will
see the actual consonants that they assign to each word or phrase. Begin with the one
on the top right, and read towards the left. On the next line, repeat this process of
begining on the right. And no, the words will not come out in the same order that
King James's men printed in their inspired Bible, and the meanings will not match
the meanings assigned in nearly any Christian Bible, at least not word for word. In many
cases you will find that they changed the entire concept/theme of the verse to suit
them. And it's not just the KJV - it's all of them - except, of course, the Hebrew original.
And even then, with all of the letters strung together, with no spacing, commas, periods
or line breaks, and no vowels until they were placed there by "inspiration" a thousand years or more later in Europe by Rabbin, you can see where the love for the good book comes from - because you can get it to say literally anything you wish, depending upon your agenda at the time.