Flag and Seal of South Carolina


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The flag of South Carolina has been a mystery.
Why so Islamic / Moor?


I am not the only one noticing.

Fantasy flag of the Islamic republic of South Carolina

Wikipedia spouts some nonsense on this.
Moultrie's design had the blue of the militia's uniforms and the crescent.
the first and second regiments, who wore a silver crescent on the front of their caps;
The palmetto was added in 1861, also a reference to Moultrie's defense of Sullivan's Island; the fortress he'd constructed had survived largely because the palmettos, laid over sand walls, were able to withstand British cannon.

sonoman posted a video here of an interpretation of the Eye of Horus that may shed some light on this.
The Seal of the State of Colorado: All Seeing Eye, Fasces and XIX-19

Granted, you have to accept this Sean Hross clone's translation of the hieroglyphics.
I was trying to independently verify, then remembered the futility considering who discovered the Rosetta stone.

Pharaohs Never Existed

If you accept that this is the serpent lord, the mother goddess pregnant, and the tree of knowledge...


Then all that appears to be missing from the state flag is Lucifer the rising star.


Which leads you to wonder who is in that moon bump. The child of Adam, or the child of of the fallen one.
There might be a clue here in the state seal.


Sure, it could be just be the new republic has designs on all corners of earth.


Or we could be looking at Saturn and Ishtar and the tree. Or Both.
saturn.jpg ishtar.jpg

Some supporting temple artwork here.
Just so we can see who lords over the stage. And the truth that lies between two pillars.



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Thomas Troward, the pioneer of the "New Thought" movement describes the pillars Jachin and Boaz here:

As far as Islamic imagery, maybe, but I'd be more inclined to say Palmyran, or the kingdom of Tyre. From Tyre, you end up with the King of Tyre and King Solomon and cHiram Abiff. Eventually it all circles back to the pillars Jachin and Boaz and the original freemasons and builders of the first temple of Solomon.

Even the Angelic sigil you have posted ties into the theory of Solomonic magic.


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South Carolina is home base to the masonic order of the scottish rite. all three abramic religions are tied to (and IMO manufactured from) these ancient orders.

I will try to find a vid that a fellow student of law made partially explaining the masonic scottish rites involvement with the founding of the uS where they tell that it was the scottish rite's actions that separated the uS from the triple crown into a 4th crown (the original/organic republic) and that, that is where the term 'scott free' originates from.

I glanced over that YT chan and none of the vids titles jumped out as to which it might be so I will link that chan lotus: justice for Maddly Arts

all are worth watching and I have but its one around the time of the vid titled "The Confederacy versus the Lawyers Guild a Legal Bulwork of the Communist Party " which is one of the better vids but I dont think thats the one where she made the scottish rite connections. she actually showed it in an official book that escaped the war of 1812 burning and is double sealed by the masons.

this book she has is among the most valuable books on earth if not the most due to the content and the two witnesses seals upon it. hardcore verifiable evidence of stolen history. it really deserves its own thread but I suck with that. LOL

Im way better at spell breaking than I am at spell binding ;-)


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It is definitely Ishtar/Venus symbolism. Columbia is another name for her and the city is full of her symbolism. Myrtle is also used as symbolism for Venus. The state of SC is where the 33rd parallel enters North America, starting at Myrtle Beach going straight through Columbia. I did a bunch of research about the symbolism on our flag and found pretty similar results. Follow the 33rd parallel and you'll find some amazing things, particularly the names of cities on it and their significance, Devil's this or that around it that form a very interesting pattern, and a whole lot more. Probably why this is the headquarters for the Scottish Rite.

I'm pretty sure USC was an ancient mystery school dedicated to her. If you know anything about Hebrew and gematria there is some very interesting symbolism on campus you can only see from the sky. If not, without a lot of back info...the letters Dalet Mem represent a doorway and and enclosed body of water but the also spell the word blood. Not only is there a door to be seen from above but at ground level it is water. More interesting is the X and Y chromosome coming together and squaring the circle that can only be seen from the sky but in the center where they meet there is a statue called "The Torch Bearer". I can show the relations with all of this better but it's going to need a dedicated thread.

I've got some interesting stuff about those two pillars and the letter M also and I can show you very strange placements of the letter M by itself on monuments that are clearly for the goddess. The University was originally SCC but the entire story of its history is clearly bullshit and I can't find tangible evidence that it stands for what the school says it stands for and with the usage of the word sacred so many times on USC, I believe SCC stood for Sacred College of Columbia.

I've got looooots of info, pics, and even measurements I'm going to post soon. Also there are some strange anomalies on old maps that I'm going to document soon.


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I’ve read somewhere at some point that the crescent means some sort of a new power and control.
Yes, in heraldry and vexilology everything has a meaning. Whether the crescent moon points are facing up (ascending power) of facing down (previously defeated power) or facing sideways (don't remember) all have different meanings.
I've got looooots of info, pics, and even measurements I'm going to post soon. Also there are some strange anomalies on old maps that I'm going to document soon.
Sounds really interesting. Looking forward to your post.