Factors To Consider in Ancient Buildings


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Consider the massive size of ancient buildings and ask a few questions. First, what were these people eating? It would have taken a great deal of energy to put these massive buildings together. Just look at Duomo Di Milano. This took a lot of energy to build and energy takes calories. They couldn't have been all starving and impoverished like mainstream historians claim. In fact, medieval cathedrals imply the people had abundant resources and could spend their time building opulent, beautiful things.

Secondly, there must have been a great deal of social cooperation and harmony to organize buildings of this scale. The Parthenon, for example, was not built by a people who were uncivilized. They surely had a highly developed moral sense to create the social cohesion needed to build the Parthenon. Yet we are told our ancestors were genocidal, infanticidal, war-mongerers who oppressed women and practiced slavery.


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