Electrical Discharge Machining


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So I had not seen this before. Gaze Upon the Black Magic of Electrical Discharge Machining

That whole Wired article just screams that this isn't new. Most of it sounds like it was cut/pasted from Jules Verne. (I can hear James Mason reading it in my head)

"But more specifically, we’re talking lots and lots of little sparks. The “blade” in an EDM machine is actually a superfine brass wire through which electricity courses. Even though the machine is cutting through extremely tough materials, such as carbide (which is so tough that traditional milling techniques use it to drill through other materials), the blasts of electricity it uses are relatively weak. But the blasts come with extremely high frequency, something like 20,000 sparks per second along the length of the brass wire. "

There's nothing in that description that wasn't readily available long long ago as long as you could cool it with a dielectric fluid (like mineral oil?). And, having access to something like this could explain a few things. In effect, our engineering tolerances just took another leap forward (in the public realm).

Next we'll be welding/mating materials together with just runic words imprinted on them...
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