Distant Planets Discovery

Do you think these planets exist?

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Ran into the below video talking about distant planets discovery. The contents of this video are hardly different from any other similar video.

Apologies to all the believers in Space and Space Discoveries, but in my opinion this is such a load of baloney. We can not take an unaltered photograph of the Earth, but we are able to figure out that some planet 579 light years from Earth is 80% iron, the day on that planet lasts 20 hours, and it is 109% of the Earth's diameter.

I feel for that data decoder, who is being given some BS data, which allegedly came from some Kepler Telescope. Poor soul does an honest job decoding the "data", which was probably made up in the next room by somebody "in the know". I think it is being done to maintain the space-legend, for our Space is an integral part of the deception we live in. This is just my opinion.

Anyways, if you think that these planets are real, please share why you think they are. If you think they are made up, please share your reasons to think so as well.


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Telescopes have been around for centuries (or longer) and some people have nothing but time on their hands to look through those telescopes. I don't know anything about planets but those leisurely telescope gazers have been assuring us from time immemorial that there are planets. Now how they know everything else (diameter, composition, etc.) is beyond my understanding and maybe if they told us how they came to their conclusions, we could follow their logic and there'd be no controversy.
I think there are planets because there have always been planets. Is it possible that the entire world has been duped regarding the existence of planets for the entire history of the world? I suppose anything's possible but I don't think it's probable. We may even be able to reach those distant places from earth-no rocket necessary.


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There are lights in the sky, that is all I can tell you for sure. I have seen them through a 5 inch scope, I have photographed them through the scope also..

Outside of that, everything is guess work, hunch, feeling.

I am pretty much a simulated universe theorist, my current best guess is they are part of our illusory nature, perhaps put there to keep us looking up and out, not down and around.

They appear to behave as Astronomers suggest, but a clock also behaves how it is designed to.

Here's my proof there are lights up there... Saturn, Mars, Jupiter, 5 inch scope, Canon 5D Mk3.




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My understanding is that these distant planets are discovered by a couple of different methods: Astrometry, Doppler Spectroscopy and Photometry. Here's an article to give basic understanding on how each works: Planet Hunting Techniques and Technology.

As for saying the composition of a distant planet is "80% iron" is done via Spectroscopy. Passing light through a prism to break it into it's color wavelengths. Something like this is what's being done with the light that reaches Earth from a distant planet, and it's called Astronomical Spectroscopy.

Each color in the wavelength corresponds to a given element (Oxygen, Hydrogen, Helium, Iron, etc.) and depending on what percentage of each color shows up scientists can estimate the chemical composition of a distant celestial body, star or planet.


Fe = Iron, so if there's a lot in the color wavelengths for Iron that would indicate the presence of Iron.​

Now all of these methods aren't foolproof (and mistakes can be made). Everything they calculate are just estimates based off of current observations (and understandings of chemistry) of said celestial body, star or planet.

This is my basic understanding of how today's astronomers make these calculations about distant planets. I hope this helps. Whether distant planets exist or not, I lean towards yes they do.

That said, all these distant planets are shown to us using artistic renderings. So no I don't believe they look like this as we don't have the technology yet to take beautiful photographs up close from that very very far away:

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