Circular lakes: evidence of the War of Gods?

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I find it interesting that we have been hit so very many times by meteorites, on such a large scale and it never happens anymore. It's just like we were being attacked for quite a while and then it stopped. I could be all wet, but the last major strike I can think of right now was the Tunguska "event".

I'd say there is evidence for a "War of the Gods". Especially, the Gulf of Mexico, the southern tip of Africa, Australia, northern Europe, and North America :eek:

I won't speculate as to why, because this is just about whether we think the circular lakes are natural or not. Not!
I would suggest that, beyond belief civilizations ,have inhabited this planet for eons. some of the vertical craters were caused by weapons and shot down meteorite pieces.
Upon reaching advanced civilization status one would suspect that protection of the living area would be Priority number one.
Hiding in plain sight may change to being Eco friendly, camouflaged or buried far enough underground where the mud flood would not harm the facility. A.I. would operate these defenses if personal were not available. Who knows what fuels the systems, they are advanced.

Attached is a link to a six page history on the 1908 Tunguska mystery.

Do not miss the part where these "balls of fire" went into a holding pattern waiting for the "meteorite to pass below then hit it at a right angle downward.

Someone has controlled this plant for a long time. What may look, in our short time span, like a natural cataclysmic event may be nothing but house cleaning.
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