Captain Mathew Flinders


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Just a quick post as this story is all over the UK press today (Iam at work) and wondered if any of you more people could add anything to it?

Captain Mathew Flinders


Painting purported to be of Mr Flinders, the 1st person to circumnavigate Australia?

'THE remains of the first European to circumnavigate Australia, Captain Matthew Flinders, have been found during an archaeological dig at a London railway terminus more than 170 years after they disappeared'

I’m not sure what the real narrative is here, nor what the reasons for publishing this news now, but something seems a little off to me.

The HS2 is a much-hated and opposed high speed rail network that is supposed to be being built throughout the UK, Where there is much opposition, as usual with these things it needs to ‘rip up’ entire countryside’s and remove towns etc.

I had not heard of Mathew Flinders until today, I did however note a few things from the article below that made my spidy senses tingle:

‘He died in 1814 but his headstone was removed from St James's during the expansion of Euston Station and his remains were believed to be lost’

Just like that…


‘Capt Flinders finally published A Voyage to Terra Australis on July 18, 1814. He died the following day aged 40’

Mmm, I wonder if there is anything else to know here? What else may he have known? Was the book ‘edited’ perhaps…


Would be interested to hear your thoughts, or any further insight any of you insightful folk can add?

I did also notice, considering this guy has only just been dug up, 2 vastly differing coffin plates being used in the article... Also, what is the O or 0 after the date on the plate? 1814o? also, to me the calligraphy makes it look more like j8j4o ?

Edit. One radio news report said his remains will now be examined to see what his lifestyle, health was like... mmmm.


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