Bloodlines and bloodtypes

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tupperaware said:
The Methuselah crowd in the old testament might have been AB+ and had the ability to transfuse blood from donor to patient using ground hollow fish bones and some kind of tubing made from mouse intestines.
That would be a big deal, if true. In any case, it seems that simply drinking blood confers benefits on its own.

“Blood was a medium between the physical and spiritual,” explains Richard Sugg at the University of Durham, who recently wrote a book on “corpse medicine” and who is currently writing a volume on vampirism. By drinking the blood of a healthy young man, he says, you were imbibing his spirit and curing whatever afflicted your soul.—The People Who Drink Human Blood


The blood, powdered or dessicated, was mixed into the dough of the unleavened or “solemn” bread, the shimmurim — not ordinary bread. The shimmurim — in fact, three loaves for each of the two evenings during which the ritual dinner of the Seder was served — were considered one of the principal symbolic foods of the feast, and their accurate preparation and baking took place during the days preceding the advent of Pesach (Passover).​
“The evening before Pesach, when they stir the dough with which the unleavened bread (the shimmurim) is later prepared, the head of the family takes the blood of a Christian child and mixes it into the dough while it is being kneaded, using the entire quantity available, keeping in mind that the measure of a lentil is sufficient. The head of the family sometimes performs this operation in the presence of those kneading the unleavened bread, and sometimes without their knowledge, based on whether or not they can be trusted.”​
“Eating unleavened bread with Christian blood in it means that, just as the body and powers of Jesus Christ, the God of the Christians, went down to perdition (eternal damnation) with His death, thus, the Christian blood contained in the unleavened bread shall be ingested and completely consumed”. —Blood Passover by Ariel Toaff (worthy of note, the author is Jewish)​

Could this be the real Communion? Imbibing a spirit in the form of bloodwine and blood-soaked bread? What about eating "Haman's ears" Purim bread, in celebration of the butchery of 75,000 Persians?

Turkish police arrested five smugglers, who had in their possession rare artifacts. They found two Torahs, one of them believed to be ~1500 years old—Source

Torah 1.jpg Torah 2.jpg Torah 3.jpg Torah 4.jpg Torah 5.jpg Source - Nuremberg Chronicle, 1493.jpg

These things would perhaps be a little less suspect if not for the in-your-face current going-ons.

Marina Abramovic.jpg Spirit Cooking - Marina Abramovic 2.jpg Spirit Cooking - Marina Abramovic - Lady Gaga.jpg Elite - Rothschild.jpg Libel.jpg Coincidence.png

Does this look like a 71 year old woman to you?

Ruby.jpg Marina Abramovic - Age 71 Vampire.jpg



I know quite several women around me, who are Rh-. One woman told me, that only women have Rh-, men almost never. And yes, this bloodtype is related to paranormal, and can lead person to be saint or very degenerative. I would call this bloodline - Ancient.
And I think, I know, why juifs count generations by women. Earlier women were easier to control. For example: in the street there's 3 houses, Joshke, Moshke and Poshke. Joshke goes to the street and sees, that Poshke entered Moshke house, and he knows, that Moshke now is at market. So he can run to kahal and report it. There's certain Rabbinic-Talmudic term, which means "woman, who is suspected of adultery". That's how they kept they lines quite clean, observable & trusted.


The issue was religion not race.
I don't speak hebrew, but somebody who does tells me some names can be identified as standing for different sins. Moses threw some children against the rock. The children of sin and the rock of the Lord? I think the message is spiritual, not genetic.


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Speaking of drinking blood...

A [sick, twisted] Stanford study revealed that the blood of young mice rejuvenated old mice, and now there is a company called Ambrosia charging $8000 for blood transfusions from young people.
Ambrosia... To me, that name evokes the idea of vampirism in Greek mythology! Ambrosia is mentioned many times in Homer's works. It is food of the Gods, or nectar of the Gods. We know how much the elite love to emulate the Greeks and Romans.



Also in movies you often can see, to some poor student comes some mysterious man and says: see this beautiful house on the other side of street? It belongs to you, current heir of mansion is adopted child.


When I first started researching the Rh factor, the available info said that only 1% of the population was Rh-, now it's 15%? That's quite a rise in a one generation. I'm Rh- but all 5 of my kids are +. I've been asked (a surprising number of times) if I've been abducted by aliens and I've seen some weirdos watching me intently, I guess to see if I shape-shift or something. :sneaky:

Supposedly, the shroud of Turin contains AB- blood which is supposed to only be about 1000 years old in the evolutionary scale. Not sure how they figured that out since there were no blood type kits 1000 years ago but, ok.

The bible has some rather stringent laws against interbreeding with other races (which was completely ignored) but those rules always seemed a bit strange to me. If we're all God's children then what does it matter? Maybe we're not all God's children? The implications of that are mind-boggling (at least to me) and, since I can't tell the difference, I'm just gonna assume everyone is until proven otherwise.
I saw this the other day.

O- its supposed to be the Universal - Original Hunter Gatherer.​


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How do we know what the issue was? In my opinion it goes way beyond race. This guy was from Canaan.
The issue could be with genetics.
The reason I think it's probable it may be more 'religion' orientated is that Gods people who married outside of the Israelite lineage were not forbidden ordered to separate when the people chose the worship of God.
Those the Israelites were forbidden to marry, or ordered to separate from, were idolaters and the reason for this instruction was because they would, 'learn their ways' (idol worship, immorality, eat unclean food etc,).

The Bible says Acts 17:24 God that made the world and all things therein, seeing that he is Lord of heaven and earth, dwelleth not in temples made with hands;...... 26And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation..
And in other places this same sentiment.
Lots more to say on this topic but that suffices. My understanding and belief from the Bible is that it's is our morality /practices /relationship with the Creator that determines our acceptance not our blood lineage. This is in direct contrast to the ways of the world where apparently blood lineage rules.
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