Amber Fossils


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Not sure where to put this. I just was curious about amber. You may recall in Jurrasic Park supposedly they find a mosquito frozen in amber, and they extract dinosaur dna from it, etc etc. There are all kind of photos on google of what they call 'inclusion amber', which is this amber with mosquitos in it or whatever.

inclusion amber - Google Search

Amber - Wikipedia

Supposedly amber is solidified tree sap. As I ever heard it, the idea is that, say, a mosquito is sitting on a tree and some sap leaks out and it gets stuck inside and it turns into amber. But if you look at these google photos above, these blocks of amber can be quite large.

So my question is- has anyone ever seen a tree emit such a large amount of sap at one time as could catch a scorpion or something, and constitute these big blocks of amber?

I ask because amber was supposedly a trade item in ancient times, but ancient times are themselves in question, and also because people will purport to know something about the past based on stuff they find in the amber. Just curious if anyone knows if the amber story is legitimate or not.