AI and MAV's


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The video I am posting is by Pastor Billie Crone. He does prophecy studies from the Bible and researches technology that might be used during the Tribulation period mentioned in the Bible. He has many different studies which encompass many types of technology being developed by DARPA and other companies who develop weapons for our government and for industry.

This video has clips showing AI, Micro Air Vehicles and robots which have been developed and their possible uses to reduce the population as well as control population. In the book of Revelation there are passages which state during the seal judgements one fourth of the earths population will be killed and the second says one third of the earth's population will be killed. That is approximately 3.9 billion people. He shows how movies and TV are using these scenarios to prepare us visually for how these weapons both can and will be used to control us and how man is hopeless to combat or protect himself from these actions. He states there is an arms race by many countries developing these types of surveillance and weapons.