Abandoned 1867 Moscow, Russia. Where are the people?


Here we can observe the same issue of having no people in the streets of a 19th century city. This time it is Moscow Russia. The year in 1867.

A few of the photographs (last 2) will not show the streets, but I wanted to put those up anyways, in case you spot something in the architecture.

Clickable Panoramic Photos (4987x1351px)







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I didn't even see people in the windows. One thing that stood out to me was the stark contrast between the modern clap-trap, ugly buildings and the older, sumptuous edifices. It's curious that in Russia, an area frequently covered in heavy snow, that some of these older buildings would have large flat roofs. Was the weather not as cold or snowy when the older buildings went up? ALL of the modern buildings have sloped roofs.


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there is something oddly unneving about the lack of people in the river
also spires everywhere


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Moscow has burned 4 times, according to Wiki-- so we do need to verify this. 1547, 1571, 1752, and 1812. As readers of this forum are well aware, we are getting these dates from the altered history provided by the "cover up". But I feel it somewhat safe to assume that the fires actually happened, what ever the dates actually are.
When I was researching fires and destruction ( trying to find out if there was a systematic destruction of the old world) it jumped out at me that many times a city would burn and then, not too long later, it would burn again as if the destruction was not enough from the first fire. Here are some examples: London-1135, 1212 and 1616, Chicago 1871 and 1874, San Francisco- 1851 and 1906, New York City 1776 and 1835, Amsterdam- 1421 and 1452, Copenhagen- 1728 and 1795, New Orleans- 1788 and 1794, and the list goes on. Something I found VERY interesting was that Hangzhou burned in 1132 and 1137. Didn't Marco Polo visit that city during his travels to Tartaria? If the dates are accurate, he would have been there after the fires, sometime between 1275 and 1292.


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Lots and lots of domed church? Buildings.

Definately not long exposures. Even on a relatively calm & wind free day you will get lots of softness/ blur from movements in trees etc, there is none.

My guess, faster than 1/ 50th second of exposure, so people, trafic, animals, any movement would be obvious. This town is deserted.

Edit. Discovered something on 3rd image.

People on the bridge/ dam left highlight? Surveying? And bombed, destroyed building on the right?
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People in picture one two they hadn't all loaded when i clicked on it..
Left hand picture:
man stood (on something) in the middle of the enormously wide road lower left on the incline. To the right is another man stood by the railing.
Ahead of him where the smaller road joins the other there is a woman and another figure right on the corner.
The flag in the foreground is painted in but just to the left of the flag and 'up a bit' at the base of the brick/stone bank is a man wearing a waistcoat and white shirt stood on something I cannot make out with his left arm clearly visible. There is someone smaller stood behind his back and their shadow is seen on whatever it is they are standing on.
Middle picture:
At the point where twin sets of steps going down to the river meet the road there is a man on a horse. Ahead of him on the road and in line with the gable of the floating building there are a group of people and vehicles to indistinct to define further save to say there is at least one on horseback.
On the foreground bridge just above the 67 there is a ghostly man and woman. To their right alongside the railing on the next span there are two ghost men walking left to right. One near either bridge support buttress's.
There are two people on the river under that span. Under the second ghostly man there is someone with white shirt and dark pants almost under the first ghostly man but to the right a ways is a figure wearing the reverse colour combination.
Another ghostly figure appears in the middle of the road in front of the hut right where the bridge joins the land. Another pair appear by the rail on the short stretch of road in the lower left foreground. Directly below them on the river is a man/boy in a white shirt holding his arms up.
Right hand picture:
Although the left hand and middle pictures match up well the right hand and middle pictures don't match at all. I feel one section is missing.
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this one https://stolenhistory.org/attachments/1867_moscow_russia_abandoned_3-jpg.5407/
middle picture: the large roof with the large ladder up to it is completely painted in as in the roof next to it. Even easier to see on that one.
the small building inbetween isn't really there as its painted in. Check the windows.
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