1920 Pre Restoration Photo


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Maybe I am missing something here but this too me is evidence that the Columns of the Palace of Fine Arts were fake stone columns created for a building at the Worlds Colombian Fair Chicago 1893.

The photograph is from the 1920's according to the blurb (which just like every other photo/painting/artifact/stone/sculpture/map/document/event posted on this site is not possiblt to authenticate) on the site hosting the picture, which escapes me for the moment will add it in when I remember, been lost in the Columbus ships fantasy all day, please forgive the ageing brain cell.

Clearly the internal wooden armature has been overlaid with vertical wooden laths over which a mix of plaster, cement and jute fibres (there has to be cement and jute or some other fibre in the mix for it to last so long out in the elements I suspect but don't know this is the same or very similar recipe used for all the exterior ornate work including the numerous statutes) and given the fluted appearance of ancient 'greek or roman' columns which too me is as good as it gets to show the column was not built to last and is not and never has been a stone column from a previous civilisation.
The mystery to me is how did the building survive the fire and why wasn't it torn down and recycled afterwards instead of being renovated after such a long period of decay and neglect oh and why 'tramps' didn't get in and set it on fire in that long period.


Here's a close up of the bottom of the column.