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  1. Turpinhero

    Seattle regrading or unearthing? Which one was it?

    Excellent post. I take your point re the first jpeg you offer up and to check where the spoil meets the buildings. On the extreme right is a lone man walking away from the camera. At 1 o’clock to his right shoulder you can clearly see the damp marks on the wall caused by earth sitting up close...
  2. Turpinhero

    The Staff of Saint Bernardine of Siena

    Hi Korben, the red item on the floor in the painting above looks a lot like a Cardinals Galero. Nowadays they seem to have a half dome shape as opposed to the flat top seen above.
  3. Turpinhero

    Abandoned 1867 Moscow, Russia. Where are the people?

    Interesting... I know it’s wrong to quote from the CIA’s encyclopaedia but... Fire of Moscow (1812) - Wikipedia The 1812 Fire of Moscow broke out on 14 September 1812, when Russian troops and most of the remaining residents abandoned the city of Moscow just ahead of French Emperor Napoleon's...
  4. Turpinhero

    1900-1915 HD quality photos of the United States cities. Is that normal?

    No movement blur anywhere, that’s some fast exposure right there when 80+% of the cameras in use were still glass plate. Even expanding images on my iPad can’t catch them out. Korben, right on cue, just as I’m settling down for the night, once again you pop up and give me something new to think...
  5. Turpinhero

    International Space Station saga: musical oranges or didgeridoo that gorilla

    I particularly liked the Superbowl edition not a few years ago, when two astronaughts (pun intended) both appeared in the shirts of the two teams that were in the final that day. The last resupply of the "ISS" was three months before the knockout stages began. So...either a) six months in outer...
  6. Turpinhero

    Saint Petersburg Kazan Cathedral was not built when they say it was...

    And in a city that was possibly dug out, on the left, by the guardhouse, we have a gentleman apparently descending some steps to access the door to the building that is... below street level.