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  1. stimoceiver

    18th & 19th centuries: artificial Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Tsunamis

    As to what technologies or capabilities for creating earthquakes and other plausibly natural disasters the TPTB might possess today: A few years ago Cryptome published a series of articles by one Trowbridge H. Ford. Glimpses of America's Man-Made Disasters 1-2 Glimpses of America's Man-Made...
  2. stimoceiver

    Is General Robert E. Lee dead in this 1865 photo?

    For pretty much the first hundred years of photography, artistic "retouching" of photos was standard practice. Early photography was more art than science. Photos often contained unwanted artifacts, streaking, blurs. Some folks didn't like how they appeared in a particular photograph. So...
  3. stimoceiver

    Real mission of the 1907-1909 US Great White Fleet, what was it?

    @andrewtgn For the link to the National Library of Australia I thank you! It looks to be another amazing resource.
  4. stimoceiver

    Comment by 'stimoceiver' in media '1,000 y.o. Map of the World. Published in 1907.'

    I love this, and really want this to be true. There are more ways than one in which a map like this might be an "accurate" representation of our world. I respect anyone questioning the parameters of our existence enough to wonder if the size, shape, and bounds of our earth might be different...
  5. stimoceiver

    1906: Seattle Central Library. Demolished in 1957.

    Perhaps they are on a lower rooftop of the same building or a neighboring structure?
  6. stimoceiver

    1932: NE Bookstacks Construction, Library of Congress Thomas Jefferson Building

    Just like the Capitol: lots of mysteries lay hidden beneath the soil:
  7. stimoceiver

    1880: Green Street Flour Mill, Richmond, Indiana

    Of course there are other possible explanations. But this kind of thing is really not that uncommon along RR tracks in the Midwest. I notice that Richmond Indiana is not too far down the highway and RR tracks from Fort Wayne. I am not so well travelled, but I stopped in Fort Wayne recently...
  8. stimoceiver

    Who nuked San Francisco in 1906?

    I'm 100% with you on gas explosions not seeming to be the primary cause of the destruction. Given the apparent scale of the damage you highlight, it appears something did mechanically concuss all those buildings in such a way as to disintegrate the mortar holding them together, and perhaps to...
  9. stimoceiver

    1880: Green Street Flour Mill, Richmond, Indiana

    Could be a railway loading dock at track level where the track is on a high embankment. I lived in Chicago's Pilsen neighborhood for a few years. There is a major east-west rail corridor that passes through the Pilsen neighborhood. There are a series of major train yards and intermodal shipping...
  10. stimoceiver

    400 year old Sahara Desert, or why people forgot everything they knew about Africa

    I have no doubt the Sahara, Antarctica, and other places like them will yield up some physical evidence of the civilizations buried there one day. Hopefully that day is before another part of our world is again buried by the same kind of cataclysm. Can you imagine if all the effort of academia...
  11. stimoceiver

    Who nuked San Francisco in 1906?

    Playing devils advocate here, as far as gas lines causing massive fires after an earthquake, this is what happened in Massachusetts in 2018 when a gas pressure regulator failed: from Merrimack Valley gas explosions
  12. stimoceiver

    Urban Fire verdict: global attack on our civilization or incompetency?

    One place where you can definitely find some depictions of what appears to be some likely high technology are in some of the Egyptian sites, but those particular images are rarely publicized. I've seen some photos linked a few times but I didn't bother saving them or noting which sites they were...
  13. stimoceiver

    Book | The New Chronology by Fomenko and Nosovskiy

    Here (filename is wrong)
  14. stimoceiver

    Book | The New Chronology by Fomenko and Nosovskiy

    I recently became aware of another book by Anatoly and Tatiana Fomenko, Wieslaw Krawcewicz, and Gleb Nosovskiy. It's called ZODIACS: Timeline Of Egypt Cut In Stone. It's a fascinating and exhaustively researched book as is typical of Fomenko. Ironically I found this book while looking for a...