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  1. Triskell

    Who was this 30 foot tall Kegtolochus aka Teutobochus Rex?

    From french sources available on Gallica, Teutobochus is most often refered to as a German. In France Teutons is a common term use to refere to Germans. Quite intresting, this 1880 newspaper talks about the size of Teutobochus in comparaison of Old Testament caracters like Adam, Abraham and...
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    Comment by 'Triskell' in media 'Possible giant skeleton at Mohenjo-daro.'

    From the same source : Can't tell if this is giant bones compared to the size of the steps, but this looks like the corpse is almost melted in a very disturbing way.
  3. Triskell

    Comment by 'Triskell' in media 'Possible giant skeleton at Mohenjo-daro.'

    It looks fake to me. It could be an early photomontage. If it's real, the guy was huge
  4. Triskell

    Question | Year 2030: what are they hiding?

    Great to see you back @KorbenDallas . Good luck with your struggles. Keep in mind that God loves you no matter what happen in your life.
  5. Triskell

    Chronology: how old is America?

    The shift of the American continent is a pretty wild concept, but I wouldn't be surprised. I'm not very familiar with Fomenko theory on Jesus birthdate .. How did he calculate this 1,152 ? I tend to think that the old testament is really describing events before Jesus birth, in a messy and...
  6. Triskell

    Victory Columns were Airship Mooring Masts?

    These columns have always made me think of electric generators, like the devices we can see on ancient buildings. But presented that way, from an aviation perspective, it makes sense. Perhaps the function was twofold, to moor the aircrafts and recharge them electrically.
  7. Triskell

    Kit, or designer houses were sold prior to 1877?

    When you look at modern constructions, you realize how much we've lost. Or maybe how bad/dumb we are compared to our predecessors.
  8. Triskell

    19th Century: Public & Private Steam Transportation

    Maybe they were using coal in early 1800, then after cactlysmic events arround 1850, coal wasn't accessible anymore (mud covering coal mines, and trees where completly wiped-out). Like you said many times KD, it could be that the 19th century is completly streched-up and lasted for maybe 200...
  9. Triskell

    1900-1915 HD quality photos of the United States cities. Is that normal?

    Some of them looks like CGI to me. If this is real pictures, then the type of lens in use and the shutter speed is similar, maybe better than most modern camera.
  10. Triskell

    Catacombs of Paris, Mud Flood Victims and Unidentified Dead. Reset?

    Officially, concrete injection is not the only method used. In some cases support pillars are put in place, but this is the case only for "real quarries" which are located in the cities surrounding Paris. The subterranean parts of the catacombs are filled in using injection of concrete when...
  11. Triskell

    Catacombs of Paris, Mud Flood Victims and Unidentified Dead. Reset?

    The Parisian catacombs are managed by the IGC (General Inspection of Careers). They are mainly in charge of consolidating the underground galleries. For several years, entire galleries have been effectively « consolidated » using the injection of concrete. This practice is not justified by its...
  12. Triskell

    Ancient Romans built the General Post Office of Dublin

    What an amazing piece of research. Well done KD Several things come to mind regarding a possible "true timeline" Perhaps these statues are indeed not gods, but something similar to the 200 fallen / rebel angels mentioned in the Old Testament and more specifically in the book of Enoch. Enoch...
  13. Triskell

    Catacombs of Paris, Mud Flood Victims and Unidentified Dead. Reset?

    Being born and raised Parisian, here’s what I know about the catacombs : You can explore most of the catacombs tunnels under Paris, there’s entries everywhere inside and outside Paris walls. There is even people called « cataphile » who spend most of their time underground. Most of the network...