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    19th Century Noah's Arks: Whaleback Steamer Ships

    There was a meteor defense weapon in Siberia. Also 99% of the trees are only 200 years old. Complements the time period. So the old world was trying to defend itself from meteors, beam weapons, earthquakes, massive flooding. Not only did we see the destruction of the human race but also...
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    Sodom and Gomorrah are at the bottom of the Dead Sea

    There are many these days that theorize that the names of places in the Bible are in a different geographical locations, and Satans children spring from the areas we now call Israel. It would make sense if the Kazarians and the Pope worked together to destroy Gods real chosen people, the line of...
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    19th Century Prisons: what were they before they became prisons?

    Interesting the prison had flush toilets.