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    19th century: 3,000-mile Intracoastal Waterway

    @Bear Claw This Panama ship looks like for river cleaning. After building dam, sometimes river level drops, grass starts to grow, also to remove liquid sand. These canals are related to these ships, who look like submarines and have strange routes, I think. Korbin earlier made post about them.
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    Where do you think there is a gateaway to another world or an unknown inhabited place?

    Reddit is run by CIA, so they give some hints with laugh, it is forbidden to give direct hints. I think, portals should be everywhere, only those in Tibet, India, some America mountains suggest some local, long held spiritual tradition.
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    19th century: 3,000-mile Intracoastal Waterway

    In these old books about star forts in Latin, old French is mentioned canals, that they're important to build and they were built. Seems all over the world. And seems by some supernatural force.
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    Georgia (Gruzia) in Caucasus mountains, this or last year changed name to Sakartvel.
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    ExtraTerrestial - the true meaning of the word

    Actually it has quite apocalyptic meaning. Mat 25:30 And cast ye the unprofitable servant into outer darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth. outer - ἐξώτερος exōteros darkness - σκότος skotos From here is outer space. This place, where humans live: sky, ocean, islands is...
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    Mexican temple of Santiago, master builder monks and our failed archaeology

    Cough cough, would you explain, how treasure and jewels appeared in 14th century. How they were made.
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    19th Century Noah's Arks: Whaleback Steamer Ships

    @Korbin definitely these ships came from some type of Hyperborea. They have aura not of this world, they were made not in this world. Besides, from 1860 to 1960 there was several timeline malfunctions or changes. Now there's impossible to find truth, only in astral levitation.
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    19th Century Noah's Arks: Whaleback Steamer Ships

    It is illogic to build such ships only for Great Lakes or Mississippi river. You can go to port, and will see, that small cutters can drag quite big barges. These ships definitely were build to travel across Arctic. As for Hyperborea, I would stop it investigate, because it's out of limits for...
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    19th Century Noah's Arks: Whaleback Steamer Ships

    I think, I saw 1 picture of these earlier, thought, some experimental submarine model. For me it's masonic illuminati numero uno hint, that there exist some hidden, unknown lands, continents. And this interior reminds me of something. In 1970ies there were several movies with this kinda ships...
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    Russian word 'допотопный' = 'before the flood'

    I lived in Soviet Union, and yes, sometimes people said about old things, maybe copied from Russians, prieštvaninis, which means before flood, prieš - before, tvanas - flood, tvaninis is more adjective.
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    Flight around the world map, 1915

    Most probably through north, but official paths are shown to east or to west.
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    Flight around the world map, 1915

    God bless America. Can someone explain me, how can be flight path from San Francisco to Moscow only 450 miles?
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    Bloodlines and bloodtypes

    Also in movies you often can see, to some poor student comes some mysterious man and says: see this beautiful house on the other side of street? It belongs to you, current heir of mansion is adopted child.
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    Bloodlines and bloodtypes

    I know quite several women around me, who are Rh-. One woman told me, that only women have Rh-, men almost never. And yes, this bloodtype is related to paranormal, and can lead person to be saint or very degenerative. I would call this bloodline - Ancient. And I think, I know, why juifs count...
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    Fomenko's Chronology Volume 6

    I don't read Fomenko, but watched 2 or 3 videos were he talks, or at least video appears as he's talking. He investigated some star charts, manuscripts & found out, that some star or comet appeared above Constantinople at about 1050 C.E. . From here he made a claim, that Christ was born in this...
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    Did WW2 happen the way we are told?

    I want to point you in one direction - Stalin cleansing in 1938, huge amount of commanders, officers, ordinary people was killed or sent to Siberia. It was made final decision to make not world revolution, but only in Russia, East Europe and in countries, who will accept it. It also points out...
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    Help with translation please!

    Yes, it is masonic date. If book or document is printed under masonic supervision, it often will have such date. In Christian, western Europe literature you'll often find Anno Mundi (after creation of universe), Anno Domini (years after Christ). Actually it should be named Anno Adam, because, as...
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    Phantom islands

    I like maritime literature, from adventure to horror, and I several times noticed, they mention: there should be island or other object by our data and there's none. One of secrets how they appear is described in one Jules Verne novel. There's even adventure game by this novel. Female...
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    Phantom islands

    I think it deserves separate topic, things that were on maps and then vanished. wiki Phantom islands and continents Henry Stommel Lost Islands: The Story of Islands That Have Vanished from Nautical Charts. University of British Columbia Press, 1984 Especially look at bottom of page: Further...