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    Missing photographs of the existing drawings. Where are they?

    Here is another example of early photos (claimed to be 1840-1850..) some are looking like drawn in (in Russian language). Quite an interesting book: 1842-1851-1901. Nikolaev railway. Part 1.
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    Railroad Construction: Light Ties or Strong People?

    Not only ties but the people themselves look drawn in...
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    19th Century Paving Tiles in Russia

    Is it that Polytechnical Museam that has been recently excavated and had 2 stories underground ?
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    1910: Floating Church Ship

    Some more info & pics here: Google Translate
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    Antwerp: authorities rebury our true history?

    Here is some more info about that dig that I've found: DPG Media Privacy Gate -photos clickable De Huidevetterstoren van de Spaanse Omwalling in Antwerpen SIAM 19 - this one is the most interesting, with lots of pictures but in form of a PDF presentation that I could not download, maybe someone...
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    Thomas Theodore Merrylin the vampire hunter, and his creatures

    KD, looking on the pictures it all looks obvious fake in pursuit of the popular trends of that time. Don't you see?