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  1. BrokenAgate

    This star is older than the Universe

    This star is so old that it sits around complaining about how young supernovas these days ain't got no respect for their elders, and back in HIS day, they didn't even HAVE all these fancy-pants universes. And they LIKED it that way, dammit!
  2. BrokenAgate

    The history of Daylight Saving Time

    DST just another load of horse shit, like nearly everything else in this world. I've never seen a single benefit to be gained from this idiotic practice. Glad I live in Arizona, where we don't have to deal with it. And you know what? Everything operates just fine without it.
  3. BrokenAgate

    Afghanistan: Ground Patterns For You To Scratch Your Head...

    The collections of square structures look like the remains of towns and cities, to me, although I could be wrong and they are something else entirely. Whenever researchers address findings like this, they inevitably tell us that these are the foundations of old buildings, and the wooden roofs...
  4. BrokenAgate

    The Reset and the Art of the Denver Airport

    Could it be a cloudbuster? That ceremony was so disturbing, I could never watch the whole thing. And yet it's also really stupid because it's just SO awful and over-the-top just to open up a damn tunnel. Why couldn't they cut a red ribbon and drink champagne, like normal humans?
  5. BrokenAgate

    Single photo: Tennessee State Capitol, date unknown

    Looks as if his hand was resting on something, but I can't imagine what. Could also be a random gesture as he was raising or lowering his hand, though. Impossible to tell. They didn't have Photoshop in those days, but they certainly had photoshoppery.
  6. BrokenAgate

    Moon landing: basis for belief - what is it?

    Well, that sky looks awfully black. Not a single star can be seen. Yet, here on Earth, I can see a few stars even in places where there is light pollution equivalent to what we see here. You couldn't see shit in a place like Las Vegas or Tokyo, but in many towns and smaller cities, you can...
  7. BrokenAgate

    Devil's slide in Utah: what is it?

    A look on Google maps reveals some interesting features on the other side of the highway from the Devil's Slide in Utah. Not more ridges, but just weird topography. The whole place looks gutted by mining, or catastrophes, or both.
  8. BrokenAgate

    Devil's slide in Utah: what is it?

    Something that was originally concrete and metal, that fell over onto the hillside, and the metal bits rusted away? Like, part of a skyscraper, maybe? Sure doesn't look natural to me, whatever it is.
  9. BrokenAgate

    Paintings: A Winter's Mystery

    They had parchment, animal hides, and fabric, though. And any good artist can paint from memory to a certain extent. I don't have to carry my art materials outside in the cold in order to paint a scene with snow in it. They simply didn't depict snow in ANYTHING, not even stained glass or outdoor...
  10. BrokenAgate

    Do we have a real photo of the entire Planet Earth? Is NASA concerned of its shape?

    I love these NASA goof-ups! Could watch them for hours.
  11. BrokenAgate

    Do we have a real photo of the entire Planet Earth? Is NASA concerned of its shape?

    Oh, but they do absolutely LOADS of science on the ISS! It says so right here: How Does The International Space Station Benefit Earth? Why, they can even find sources of water on Earth! A good water dowser could do the same thing at a fraction of the cost, so I don't know why we need NASA for...
  12. BrokenAgate

    Baljenac, the island that looks like a fingerprint

    I never heard of this place before today, so I know nothing about it. I do know that I don't believe a word of the official narrative as to what these walls are and why they were built, or who built them. Sure, you COULD grow grapes and crops on and between them, I guess, but it looks like a...
  13. BrokenAgate

    Millions of Venetian Piles: where are they?

    If huge forests grew all over those mountains then, why aren't they growing there now? You'd think that, by now, at least some of them would have grown back. Maybe this area ended up deforested for another reason entirely, and building of cities was simply a convenient, but false, reason given...
  14. BrokenAgate

    Millions of Venetian Piles: where are they?

    My mind is blown simply at the number of trees that had to have been cut down. Entire forests would have been destroyed, and wouldn't the countries that owned the forests be pissed off that their trees--which they needed for their own building projects--were going to some foreign country to put...
  15. BrokenAgate

    1874: USS Alarm - what was it?

    Given that historians are fond of adding 1000 years to every date, it could be 874 AD or BC....or any other number. Someone could have made up a number. I do have a question about iron ships: Don't they rust? How long do they last?
  16. BrokenAgate

    Folly Buildings: what are they?

    Spongebob Squarepants does live in a pineapple under the sea. Perhaps it's really one of these folly castles that got flooded! :D
  17. BrokenAgate

    Prehistoric cave art appears to be fake... all of it

    Thanks, Verity, I'll have a look at this. Love the Thunderbolts Project. I think they are much closer to the truth than the quackademics in mainstream science. Sounds about right. Plus, we get the "wisdom comes from the mind of a child" thing going on, which is appealing to a lot of people.
  18. BrokenAgate

    The city of Duluth: how ancient is it?

    So, they found this alleged dump site, and didn't bother to secure the area against people coming in to collect trophies? Nothing important here, just let people take whatever they want. They were apparently finding some nice items, too. Was this really a dump site, or the remnants of someone's...
  19. BrokenAgate

    19th century: Underground City in Turkmenistan and the fake Caspian Sea History

    It's either a perspective problem, or they just made the rulers/VIPs bigger to emphasize their importance. So sayeth quackademia, anyway.
  20. BrokenAgate

    The city of Duluth: how ancient is it?

    The whole idea of building something like this as a tribute to a freakin' SALESMAN is simply laughable! Who the hell does that?? How much furniture would this guy have to sell to warrant a ginormous tower on a hillside? Everything about these types of stories reads like a children's tale.