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    Area 51 a.k.a. Totonteac: the Seventh City of Cibola?

    Take a look at these little men and these 12 Swastikas in New Mexico, all with that strange symbol and the place looks strange. Link

    19th century sci-fi airships: could they fly?

    The Middle Ages seem to be full of UFOs, the sightings published in the wiki: 1561 celestial phenomenon over Nuremberg - Wikipedia 1566 celestial phenomenon over Basel - Wikipedia The Comet Book (1587) Augsburg Book of Miracles - Wikipedia They don't seem to convince much, in the absence of...

    Welcome to Tenochtitlan as it was in 1520

    Have you ever checked the coat of arms that belonged to Hernan Cortes? Complete coat of arms of Hernan Cortes. To the coat of arms granted by King Carlos I of Spain in 1525 he added a shield of the Cortés de Monroy family (In gold, four clubs of gules. Border of azure with eight silver crosses...

    What event turned Scythia into Tartary?

    Korben have you checked the Urbano Monte Map? It seems that the city "Argon" and "Aragon" on Urban's map together are the 12 tribes of Israel and the Unicorn that knows how to distinguish a worthy person, so it is said. What if the expulsion of Jews happened on this side in Siberia? Ferdinand of...

    Star shaped Cities, Towns, and Forts as evidence of the unified world of the recent past

    The city discovered in the Amazon strongly resembles a star-shaped city, don't you think? Monumental" ruins are discovered in the Bolivian Amazon jungle. Lidar reveals pre-Hispanic low-density urbanism in the Bolivian Amazon

    Ybor City tunnels in Tampa

    The issue of tunnels under the cities is very common in Mexico, they are regularly forbidden to people. Puebla: In 1862 the world could not understand how the French army, considered the most bloodthirsty and ambitious of the time, was defeated on May 5 in Puebla by the small Mexican militia...

    Question | Year 2030: what are they hiding?

    20 years ago I was in school, I had a very alert teacher. At that time in Mexico very few people had access to a computer (they were very expensive), very few had internet. So in every history class instead of reading us the history as it came in the books, he told us about his own...

    Tartarian Ruins of Mongolia and Karakorum

    I had recommended this to Korben because it seems to be the continuation after the thread of the boxer rebellion, although I was very officialist historically for that reason I did not mention Tartary, this time I will try to explain myself better. According to Fomenko after the fall of...

    The Biblical Moses is primarily based on the figure of conquistador Fernando Cortés

    Chinaco: Chinaco - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre During the independence struggles in rural communities with strong Spanish influence, some insurgent guerrillas in southern Mexico, recognized for their courage in combat, received this name, which for many is an invention, or it was because...

    Different Roman non-Romans: why are they dressed like this?

    I found another statue of Louis XIV I imagine, now in France. Figure 7. One passes fly the Arc de Triomphe while entering the historic center of Montpellier. Inset: Equestrian statue of Louis XN, in the Promenade du Peyrou (in the direction opposite from the historic center). Figure 7 from...

    Tartary aka Tartaria - an Empire hidden in history. It was bigger than Russia once...

    Just today, I was watching a video from a Spanish language channel called: Revelacion Humana It talks about how even today the Russians have tesla towers, it compares them to temples. He says how in the state of Texas where he lives they have one and therefore he does not doubt that the Russians...

    Question | Al Naslaa Rock Formation: how did this happen?

    Some people think that they could even be two rocks because they do not coincide in the shape of this rock seen from behind. It is said that if you are not a practicing Muslim, you are not allowed to enter this area. This rock from the same place, appears to be weathered underneath like the...

    Tartary aka Tartaria - an Empire hidden in history. It was bigger than Russia once...

    This is the picture of the fall of Tartary according to Fomenko's chronology: Moscow Tartary originated in the middle reaches of the Volga from Nizhny Novgorod. Thus, Moscow was not far from the border with Moscow Tartary. The city of Tobolsk was declared its capital, the name TOBOL was...

    Question | Al Naslaa Rock Formation: how did this happen?

    One piece was cut from this rock apparently. There are those who think that if you drill one inch holes where you have to break it and nail an edge in the middle it will break perfectly and they make examples of guys like this: How can a rock that size stay in perfect balance?

    When Jesus abandoned America, or why TPTB prefer Pagan Gods

    Hi, since you mention this introduction of Greek-Roman gods-ect. Do you remember the Gorgon Medusa? It is drawn on the shield of Athena in the shield of Eureka, I was paying attention to different gods in different cultures and it turns out that characters similar to the Gorgon were reflected...

    John Smith, huge Pocahontas and the Avatar Giants of Susquehannocks

    According to this image I suppose they worship the sun as they did all over the world. They speak some language similar to Latin according to David Ingram. They are related in language and religion to the Mexicans according to John Ogilby: "Moreover, Grotius represents the Norwegians as...

    Boyars and the Clothes of Giants

    Fra Mauro's map says that in this region called Permia there are very tall people. It also points out the departure of the Lombards to Italy from Norway. Do you think there is a relationship between Norumbega and Norway? Remember I told you that Ogilby speaks of Lombards in Norumbega and...

    Question | 1862 San Francisco Giants: what is he talking about?

    Korben, no doubt it's just perspective. The man who took the picture is clearly next to them in the same building.

    Boyars and the Clothes of Giants

    PETER I Alekseevich Romanov known as the Great (1672-1725). Tsar of Russia. It is a pity that the engraving does not show his best friends and colleagues: Aleksashka Menshikov, Lefort and Gordon. All of them were over 2 meters tall. Official Historians: This is Peter the First and the...

    400 Giants between 9 and 11 feet tall attacked Indian village

    KD's publication is 1762, 2.7 and 3 meter tall giants. The video giant is recent too. It is surprising how these giants have passed unnoticed if there are still some left among the deep caves. They have seen these remains of petrified trees in Thailand, I see in this photo a giant bone perhaps...