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  1. Samson4prez

    Electric Machine Guns, Coilguns and Death Ray Guns of Yesteryear

    California Wildfires: Directed Energy Weapons Theory - YouTube Page 323 starts talking about particle beams I think this document was published in 1994 so they are probably way ahead of the game if they are...
  2. Samson4prez

    Norumbega: Washington Monument and the Roman Empire

    totally looks photoshopped or edited.... at the top of the obelisk in the beginning it looks like they could have landscaped around the original greek/roman columns and buried them I'm if there were measurements you could probably figure it out. They have tunnels running everywhere under dc...
  3. Samson4prez

    Proposed Building for the New York American

    Love Jon Levi always has good insight.
  4. Samson4prez

    Tektōn, or why Jesus was most likely a Mason

    Thats the same thing I read about the infiltration of the Catholic church... Carthage and ports like carthage are found in spain and there is some crazy stuff that happened around 1492... I was studying Dracula and The order of the Dragon (still exists and possible linked to drexel university)...
  5. Samson4prez

    Hypothesis: Mutiny in the Sky or the Short History of the World

    That whole eye getting shot out thing reminds me of horus.
  6. Samson4prez

    Oh boy... Water in space

    If the ice on antarctica melted it would raise see levels globally by 300 feet. Or atleast thats what they say... Although Von Braun did quote scripture associated with the firmament on his grave stone.
  7. Samson4prez

    Tektōn, or why Jesus was most likely a Mason

    Im not saying what I said is die hard fact but there is a connection... It could be an organization that infiltrates other organization and over time by gaining more power and control in the ranks can steer it in the wrong direction. Columbia was always one of the biggest recruiting colleges...
  8. Samson4prez

    Where was Jesus really crucified: Golgotha or Cordoba? Where was the real Jerusalem?

    I get what you are saying and reached this point before, the reason I have changed my mind is not necessarily because I believe in a particular thing but I have become aware of the meaning of things and the amount layers there are to any specific symbol, story, word, etc. There seems to be a...
  9. Samson4prez

    Bricks in the Egyptian Pyramid: where from?

    Concrete or some kind of plaster finish. I watched a video trying to explain this which makes sense... Because of how the shafts are angled and the size of the sarcophagus in the kings chamber relative to the shafts.. In order to extract whatever was in the sarcophagus if it is relative to the...
  10. Samson4prez

    Welcomes, Testimonies, Geography and Favorites

    I was just about to say it would would be great to know what brought every one here only to realize I never filled this out. what brought you to this website, and what keeps you here Tartary brought me here via "new earth" youtube channel and before that learning about Tesla and ancient ruins...
  11. Samson4prez

    Where was Jesus really crucified: Golgotha or Cordoba? Where was the real Jerusalem?

    The matrix movie is coming full circle more and more, what neo finds out is that like he "jesus" many have come before him and zion has fallen and been rebuilt over and over again... So many cities lie under water, in the desert or destroyed to be forgotten... What if the matrix was really...
  12. Samson4prez

    Jesus Christ Real Identity aka Androniko Komneno

    The whole left eye being taken out really strikes me, I firmly believe the pyramid is a symbol of christ and he is the chief corner stone or capstone... As of the eye being taken out that lines up with Horus the egypt christ like god. What it means idk but it seems like its too strange to be...
  13. Samson4prez

    Tektōn, or why Jesus was most likely a Mason

    Cia was made by the Jesuits the Jesuits were the first spies. Yes, he was a mason not a carpenter... All the analogies have to do with stone work not wood work... And the pyramid is a symbolic of jesus... The pyramid has alot of numbers correlated into its design that once you take it in...
  14. Samson4prez

    General: Looming questions and brainstorming

    The phonecians, canaanites and jews all share similar ancestry and have intermarried every they have traveled... The phonecians sacrificed there first born to molach the bull god, slitting the throat then setting it on a fire in the hands of the bull deity... Shit there are plenty examples of...
  15. Samson4prez

    General: Looming questions and brainstorming

    B Blue and red star is related to the southern cross and it dips below the equator and is similar to the death story of the winter solstice.... Just more astro theology.. That constellation is also connected to navigation and crosses and its variants were around before christianity... In...
  16. Samson4prez

    Pardon me, but I have a few humble questions about Tartaria

    I definitely have some Neanderthal in me.
  17. Samson4prez

    The Phoenicians Once Ruled the World. They still do today!

    The bull and the cross found in many cultures along with the two brothers myth can be explained by the constellation used to navigate the southern hemisphere which is the southern cross located in centaurs... Much like the the story of orisis and seht the story involving the cross and its symbol...
  18. Samson4prez

    Mainstream news faking Volcano footage and pictures NASA style!

    Its all religions if you don't listen to one its okay there is always another, and if you don't like religion there are plenty of cults... The key is understanding astrotheology. The newest religion is science and space travel... The irony is palpable.
  19. Samson4prez

    Request: Three Wars - Where Are Combat Photographs?

    The ARK storm of 1862 was biblical raining for 43 days and nights flooding much of the west, its a 200 year storm occurring in the early 1600s.. Maybe california was an island at one point?
  20. Samson4prez

    Norumbega: Washington Monument and the Roman Empire

    Washington is in classic Balphomet pose... The slaves were black, I found other videos with convincing evidence.... Even king gave a speech about it before he was assassinated This guy has a whole bunch of videos with evidence.