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  1. Liliana Usvat

    Hyperborea: what if it still exists?

    Old civilization Extract from the book "Valiant Thor's guide to the inner earth" According to Mrs. Jana Savage Lakewood Florida (1966) underground cities exist one a d half.mikes under the surface if Arizona and New Mexico. It was the greatest and the oldest civilization known to man. In the...
  2. Liliana Usvat

    1709: a Jesuit Flying Ship by Bartolomeu de Gusmão

    As the axis of the gyroscope is rotated while the disks are spinning, the angular momentum provides a lift which could have many diverse applications. The mechanism does not require any other external source of energy, in which the rotor speed is produced by an electric motor in a rotating...
  3. Liliana Usvat

    1873 NYC Artificial Islands: Hoffman and Swinburne

    I am fascinated with the star forts of New York and the artificial Islands. For example the Governor's island is vacated since 1996. Nobody can live on the island during the night. During the day there is a public school located on the island. Before 1996 some military unit was stationed on the...