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  1. Mabzynn

    The Cataclysm Event That Changed Africa Forever

    I propose the Pigafetta family has the key to understanding the cataclysm that disconnected Europe from the Americas and Africa until they were slowly rediscovered. Antonio Pigafetta, a man who survived the circumnavigation of the earth with Magellan, extensively detailed his trip and made many...
  2. Mabzynn

    The Jesuit's Oath

    The American November 5th, 1891 The American. [volume] (Omaha, Nebraska) 1891-1899, November 05, 1891, Page 7, Image 7 Thoughts?
  3. Mabzynn

    America Was Stolen by the Holy Roman Empire

    Others have posted information on this in various threads with the 13th amendment but I wanted to make sure all of the information had it's own thread. See a great thread on the topic here: Which 13th Amendment? Youtuber with a ton of legal expertise: lotus: justice for Maddly Arts So here's...
  4. Mabzynn

    First "photo" of a black hole

    Question asked: How can you take photos without light? Few chuckles from the audience Answer: Well, radio is also light. The radio waves are as light as the eye(light?) that enters into the detectors that we have here (points at eyes). They're called eyes. We use the light the waves that...