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  1. crystalcat

    FE - Nullarbor Plain

    If those people had edited their video differently, including longer sunset shots, I bet you could have seen the sun set twice, given they were using their drone.
  2. crystalcat

    Electric Universe and Astrology - Is There Evidence in Our Own Bodies?

    Apologies, I know it's a while ago, but do you remember your source for the above? TIA.
  3. crystalcat

    Ocean bottom discovery: Herodotus Boat

    Vindication for Herodotus. :)
  4. crystalcat

    Doppelgangers throughout History

    Sure, there are those not convinced by pictures. But there's a matter of dna and fingerprints to consider in this case. Plus a lot more. Is there a story behind Granddads's nickname? Sooner or later, it will become public knowledge why Faul was called Beatle Bill and is still called/known by...
  5. crystalcat

    Doppelgangers throughout History

    I've always thought we all have a doppleganger, but some of the side by side images that have been seen on the internet, and those in this thread are amazing- eg: the Eddy Murphy doppleganger (is real?) It's hard to know what to think. There could be cloning or something else going on but who...
  6. crystalcat

    The Vaccine Epidemic

    I had just finished watching the Truthstream Media video when you posted. Joe Rogan should have had Suzanne Humphries on his show with that sniveling fool and not told him she would be there.
  7. crystalcat

    Barnabas Nagy YT channel: opinions

    I've partially watched a video of his about Australian history. I couldn't stand how ridiculous his commentary was so I had to stop. Down voted it as well.
  8. crystalcat

    The Vaccine Epidemic

    Dr Suzanne Humphries got death threats around the end of her Australian tour and Polly Tommy was banned from reentering Australia again.
  9. crystalcat

    The Evolution Deception

    The ad hoc stories to explain these things are very entertaining. I wonder how they explain monkey face or dancing lady orchids? lol
  10. crystalcat

    The Evolution Deception

    One of the biggest lies ever thrust upon humankind. They tried to make Darwin infallible but even he admitted to holes in his theory. One would think the discovery of DNA and the information it contains would destroy the theory. But they have a derangement syndrome denying their own senses...
  11. crystalcat

    Continent of Australia does not exist... as we know it

    I watched a series of captivating videos of the two Egyptian guides of the Khemit school (Yuosef and Muhamed) translating the Gosford glyphs. They said they are authentic. There was use of certain style of glyphs that only a person of the time period would know. This is part one.
  12. crystalcat

    The Flexner Report in 1910 was used to bury the true medical history

    Becoming hypothyroid and trying to get treatment from alopathic doctors opened my eyes to the world of lies of today's medical and health and nutrition spheres. I started reading/following Dr Ray Peat's (PhD) articles. He explains a lot about the demise/hijacking of true health and nutrition...