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  1. eddie

    Nuclear Weapons: do they exist or not?

    Thanks for the info! Seems like solid evidence; I only recently changed my mind on this topic so I'm still learning. So it seems like ionizing radiation does probably exist. This doesn't mean that nuclear weapons are real though. Or that the power plant accidents are real. The sequence of...
  2. eddie

    Nuclear Weapons: do they exist or not?

    That's according to The Narrative. Galen Windsor said Three Mile Island was completely fake. They need to have these disasters every now and then to make sure people stay afraid of both nuclear bombs and the cheap energy that is nuclear power. And what are the effects of the Pacific being...
  3. eddie

    Founded - "Found Dead"

    woah. Always wondered where the term "founded" came from, ever since playing Civilization 2. Found dead makes a little bit too much sense...
  4. eddie

    Space walk

    No stars visible, as usual.
  5. eddie

    Mud/Sand flood in Ancient Egypt?

    Just saw this video myself and was about it post it! Considering that some of the art/symbols at the temple are of Sumerian origin, I would guess that the temple underneath is Sumerian. I wish they would publicly excavate it already, but I'm sure if they find anything actually interesting it...
  6. eddie

    Single Photo: 1865 - Nine Story Building in Charleston

    Well apparently that "warehouse" was the tallest building in the United States at the time. Completely ridiculous. History of the world's tallest buildings - Wikipedia
  7. eddie

    The secrets of Deadwood, South Dakota

    Great find KD. These buildings appear to be built over a creek?? Very strange. And the hillsides are completely blasted of all vegetation except a few of the biggest trees as usual. Seems like you would get very bad landslides with nothing to stabilize the hillsides. Also, what did Ezra use to...
  8. eddie

    FE - Nullarbor Plain

    This is a great question. The problem is the only way to detect the curvature is to detect that the horizon is lower than what it would be on a flat surface. The horizon itself will not be curved; I see that argument a lot. This is what I mean: Imagine you're standing at the top, the orange...
  9. eddie

    FE - Nullarbor Plain

    Well I suppose the water lines will be equal distance from the water all the way along. But suppose you walk all the way along. How are you to determine that you have curved down by 300,000 feet or not? It all looks the same. It looks flat. But it would look flat on both a flat earth and a...
  10. eddie

    FE - Nullarbor Plain

    I'm not opposed to different theories of the structure of the earth, but I don't see that this plain is evidence of a flat earth. The wiki article saying flat indicates topographically flat, as in the entire area has the same elevation. I don't know how one would determine if it is truly planar...
  11. eddie

    The Vaccine Epidemic

    Found a very interesting post on the subject. I know nothing about the science though, so not sure how accurate it is. (btw I was unable to upload a png of smaller size, not sure if its a bug or by design, it just said image too large. jpeg worked fine)
  12. eddie

    Who are these people?

    Incredible picture. Is it just me or does it seem impossible to fell a tree like that with the equipment available in 1905? Even now I'm not sure how you'd do it. I see one hand-saw between the bunch of men... looks like they're cutting bark off with it... How did they make that very even cut at...
  13. eddie

    Notre Dame Cathedral is on fire

    Sad, since it's a beautiful building, but I'm suspicious. Isn't it almost entirely constructed from stone? If I had to guess, I'd say "renovations" = "replace everything with kindling."
  14. eddie

    More misrepresented dating.

    Nice. Not a native Spanish speaker but I've never seen = used outside of math, even in Spanish. Notice that the 1 in the "18th of Feb" is completely different from the "1" in "1726". Almost looks like J > 26. Edit. Went through the rest of the pictures. A surprising focus on rock formations...
  15. eddie

    This is how the Eiffel Tower was constructed

    I simply cannot fathom that method of erecting a foundation. How would you even build it sideways like that? Maybe they found it fallen over and had to pull it upright?
  16. eddie

    1878 Panorama of San Francisco from California Street Hill

    In the first image of the series, there appears to be a giant sand dune in the middle of the city. There's a house directly to the right of it. Considering the bizarre lack of vegetation, I think that house would be destroyed by mud flow after any significant rain...