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  1. Verity

    Chapter from my new exposition book for your suggestions

    This is fantastic. The Husband was showing me images of the Colombia Exposition as recently as bedtime last night, a shot of the Great Basin that I'd never seen from that angle before. (Printed 1893, "The Colombian Exposition Album... by Rand, McNally and Company.") There were details at the...
  2. Verity

    Swastika symbol: what’s its original meaning?

    Cruising on auto in facebook just now and this came up. Was pretty sure to drop it in this page, but the electric tech. car file could be good too. "The Swastika Laundry operated from the Shelbourne Road in Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 for 75 years. It was founded by John W. Brittain (1872 – 1937)...
  3. Verity

    1907 Exaggeration Postcards

    I'm reminded of the films 'Wag the Dog' and 'The Wizard of Oz' (again), "magicians" who manipulate imagery/reality. The people behind the media have been at this for over a hundred years, and have perfected both knowledge of our psyche/imaginations, and technical prowess using their most...
  4. Verity

    1885: The Great Fire of Galveston

    Druids- priest magicians and wielders of HollyWood wands. This is always interesting- can I have any source you'd recommend? Good Druidic info. seems hard to come by. Some say they were okay, some swear they were evil priest class. SOME even say they were originally Egyptian, and a link could...
  5. Verity

    1885: The Great Fire of Galveston

    Presumed to have started in the Vulcan foundry. Vulcan was a god, associated with fire. I squint at the word founder and foundry because it implies more than the obvious 'find/found' with its uses and variations. I looked it up (as usual) and found this interesting etymology in the Oxford...
  6. Verity

    Spooky costumes - early 1900s

    Just what I was thinking. They look like catholic bishops stealing a pagan spring maiden.
  7. Verity

    Flight - A Revised History

    Reminds me of the Star Wars X-wing.
  8. Verity

    Abuna Yemata Guh, Ethiopia's Chapel in the sky

    I read the link and it said '..they bring their dead to be buried.' This bit; 'Ethiopians that attend this church on a regular basis will bring their babies up here to be baptized as well as their dead to be buried. In Ethiopian Orthodox tradition many of the services are at night and members of...
  9. Verity

    The Ghost Forrest of Neskowin, Oregon

    Reminds me of this article.. (below). The comments are interesting- 'Basta' (a character not given to hysteria in the face of anomalies) reckons on a natural aspect to such things. Natural or man-made, it's an interesting phenomenon and the vid. is worth watching for the sheer weirdness of it...
  10. Verity

    Two Suns in the Sky

    This is a neat invention, esp. if it's true the solar minimum is just around the corner. Charge up a few of these and there's a brilliant growing source for food. One in every town. 'The sun we see and the sun we don't,' is basically a telescopic lens issue; it collects a doubled image, an orb...
  11. Verity

    The Ghost Forrest of Neskowin, Oregon

    Petrified tree stumps found in the Caitlins in the south of the South Island, NZ too. Curio Bay - Wikipedia
  12. Verity

    Annihilated African cities, killed population, establishment lies, Timgad and the Richat Structure Atlantis

    :) This reminds me not to cook and respond to anything on SH while children scream with glee in my face. Yes, have read through yet managed to forget- it's extremely compelling and I accepted it completely at the time. Still do! I don't know what to think really, except for a half-baked hunch...
  13. Verity

    Notre Dame Cathedral is on fire

    Right, thanks for clarifying (@whitewave). I'm pretty distracted atm. At the risk of drifting right off the subject..: I have heard of chem being bandied about as an etymological source relating to Egypt, no doubt kemet was that original source, and being involved with alchemy- the (magic)...
  14. Verity

    Annihilated African cities, killed population, establishment lies, Timgad and the Richat Structure Atlantis

    Babylon was Persia- Iraq. Perhaps it was considered part of 'Greater Africa'.
  15. Verity

    Notre Dame Cathedral is on fire

    Parisii, Paris, Isis... but wait there's more... Parisii = Pharisee..? Works for me.
  16. Verity

    Input Your Worldview

    Very best of luck (and skill) to you! Don't forget two important extras; the 2007 Iodine Protocol (try Lynne Farrow's 'The Iodine Crisis'), and Vitamin C; either IV, lipo or ascorbic acid. Linus Pauling's book can help with vit.C, &/or find a good FB group. Cannabis oil is supposed to be...
  17. Verity

    Notre Dame Cathedral is on fire

    Just a heads-up on the yellow vest movement- I doubt the name/colour is an accident. Yellow is a symbolic 'colour stage' of alchemical transformation. Magnum opus (alchemy) - Wikipedia "Citrinitas." Citrinitas - Wikipedia The psychology is quite something, a deeper, rather dodgy phase of...
  18. Verity

    Notre Dame Cathedral is on fire

    Probably boring to keep harping on about the political aspect but it's too odd with such a significant election next month. I smell a political rat with a tail as long as the Seine. For those like me who had to look up concordat; Concordat Agreement or treaty between the Holy See of the...
  19. Verity

    Notre Dame Cathedral is on fire

    This line in itself speaks volumes; "This leads many to believe that Macron might be focusing on rallying a mourning country, instead of what is the reality." Political rallying, appealing to the 'Cœurs et esprits', or hearts and minds, an extremely common tactic. I wouldn't put it past the...
  20. Verity

    Notre Dame Cathedral is on fire

    Like wiki- can't be entirely trusted. Was going to add to the Jesus of the Gospels thread (but won't). Thank you!