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    Do we have a real photo of the entire Planet Earth? Is NASA concerned of its shape?

    Wait till questioning the shape of the earth or talking about space outside of NASA's viewpoint gets you kicked off social media effectively silencing you or deplatforming you, it's already happening for people with 'hateful' or 'harmful' views. How big is the jump for them to say this type of...
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    Earth's magnetic field is 'acting up'. 'Experts' are 'forced' to 'update' 'model' that aids global navigation.

    Saw this on the conspiracy subreddit with the following title. Earth magnetic field is acting up and geologists don’t know why. Erratic motion of north magnetic pole forces experts to update model that aids global navigation. Links to this article Earth’s magnetic field is acting up and...
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    Tartaria: The Hidden Truth - essay by Marcia Ramalho

    I was hoping for more when I read "the hidden truth essay on Tartaria" but not bad I guess, I only feel like the phrasing will alienate people "oh i do believe in the moon landing so i guess this video is not for me" but its interesting still.
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    Skype, Nazi Style

    Kind of a random thought but does anyone else feel in the last 5-10 years they have just given up with advancing technology and inventing new useful things? They just re-release stuff slightly better each year but I can't think of many actual breakthroughs or real advancements. Could very well...
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    What happened between 1915 and 1930?

    I could understand why most buildings are more boring or cheaper these days but there still should be some amazing new pieces of work, yet I don't know of any recent amazing looking buildings tbh. We still have people somewhat trying (sydney opera house counts maybe?).
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    What happened between 1915 and 1930?

    On the architecture point, It's funny living in Australia (being such a recent country, relatively). We just don't have those amazing buildings that you see in Europe, and no one questions why we don't build things like that anymore, it's kinda strange. People just assume its due to building...
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    News Article: NYT using AI to help digitize millions of archival photographs

    This is actually pretty scary. Soon enough when everything is digitized the originals can be "put away somewhere" or "lost" but it will be okay because we have the flawless digitized by AI copies :))))). No bias or editing will happen of course (not like we have already seen that with blacked...
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    Urban Fire verdict: global attack on our civilization or incompetency?

    Thanks, funny how the images hosted on that gov website are low quality enough that you can't make out the suspicious shapes.
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    Interesting Finds on Old Japanese Maps

    Soon Juan Fernandez set sail from Valparaíso. After heading west for one month along the 40th parallel south, in the spring of 1576 they arrived in an island described as "mountainous, fertile, with strong-flowing rivers, inhabited by white peoples, and with all the fruits necessary to live".[1]...
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    Interesting Finds on Old Japanese Maps

    The first known landing in Australia by Europeans was by Dutch navigator Willem Janszoon in 1606. Twenty-nine other Dutch navigators explored the western and southern coasts in the 17th century, and dubbed the continent New Holland. Macassan trepangers visited Australia's northern coasts after...
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    Urban Fire verdict: global attack on our civilization or incompetency?

    Where is this pic from? I can see some type of face on the main building behind them and also some type of statue at the very very top left of image. If we knew location of pic we could try and find possible influences for that statue?
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    Doppelgangers throughout History

    I just think with the amount of people in the world you are gonna see some pretty insane similarities, just like, statistically. While no one looks EXACTLY the same, there can exist only minor differences so that they look almost the same. I'd also share the concept of us being able to identify...
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    The Raising of Chicago 1856

    I understand that theres all types of mechanisms to take advantage of leverage and such but isn't 1 horspower still a very limiting factor in moving an entire freaking building. Either with the amount of time it would take to move apparently there was time and horses to move businesses to the...
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    1863 Russian involvement in the US Civil War

    Exactly what I was going to comment, I'd be interested in finding the original russian version and seeing what someone else translates it as, it could be possible that translating between russian and english gives the word ancient for some weird reason. I don't have a bunch of Russian friends...
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    Cointelpro: Is being undermined by (or was it setup from the start) to be Cointelpro?

    Hard agree, why does every other field of science and research do constant revisions of current knowledge, and seem generally open to new approaches to ideas (no comment on the more 'out there' stuff with wireless electricity etc. that I know some people are interested in). History is pretty...
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    Cointelpro: Is being undermined by (or was it setup from the start) to be Cointelpro?

    Yeah I think there might have been some radars being pinged from this site but it's still relatively small, the only thing that stands out is the quality of the posts and research, as well as the civil discussions (the none to little politics helps). I think this is just a result of a small...
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    The Moon; what is it ?

    One Chinese researcher thinks so, at least. Wu Chunfeng, head of the Tian Fu New Area Science Society, wants to use a satellite like an artificial moon, reflecting sunlight back to targeted areas of the Earth at night. The reflector would orbit above a city, providing enough illumination to...
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    Faux marble, Alexander the Great, Dhul-Qarnayn, Ivan the Terrible and our Lost History

    7 Artists Smashing Our Expectations of What Marble Can Be And here's some modern marble sculptures. LOL. I searched pretty hard but of course not many people use marble these days in general. But still even searching for something like "21st century marble sculptures" doesn't return much, but...
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    Call to action! Can we actually do something about this?

    If you go digging too hard and too remotely you might find yourself not able to post on these forums again for a while...... especially in Russia or something. But I agree, some type of movement may happen soon when some bigger things are more concretely exposed, in saying that i'm not entirely...