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  1. torgo

    The legendary tomb of the Etruscan king Lars Porsena

    This reminds me of the "Circle Swing" rides at the old amusement parks, which are covered in this Conspiracy-R-Us video. It seems very possible these "rides" were repurposed machines. Here are some photos.
  2. torgo

    The Aqueduct at Queretaro, and Other Ones...

    What if Monorail trains were used long ago? And their tracks on land have long since vanished. That was what I thought when I saw the top.
  3. torgo

    La Luz Silver Project, Real de Catorce, Ogarrio Tunnel and the First Majestic Silver Corp

    This is the "Ruins of Karnak" at the world's longest cave Mammoth Cave in Kentucky, US. Makes me wonder how many caves in the world are actually ancient sunken cities.
  4. torgo

    Devil's slides in Utah and Montana: what were these structures?

    Maybe some type of mining operation? Here is The Rock of La Baume in Sisteron, France.