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  1. Banta

    Jacksonville's architect Henry John Klutho. Who was he, and did he exist?

    I feel like we have a lot of secret allies out there in our quest to uncover our stolen history. From the Jackonsville 1901 wiki: Citations needed indeed. Yet it remains. I’m starting to get the sense that most major cities have some sort of reason why they don’t have records of buildings...
  2. Banta

    Turkey: 13th Century Chapel, Mud Flood and Renamed Cities

    I just posted in a thread about Napoleon (and the documentation that he was referred to as Nicholas) information that is related to this thread: Napoléon, aka Nicholas, Brutus and Ali Bonaparte: what do we know? I think taken in totality it lends credence to KD’s assertion that various...
  3. Banta

    Napoléon, aka Nicholas, Brutus and Ali Bonaparte: what do we know?

    I can’t believe I didn’t do this before, but here’s what wiki has to say about the origins of the name “Nicholas”: There’s a lot of ways to look at that in context, most of them seem fairly strange. So, I started to think about famous Nicholases (Nicholai?), but wiki had me covered with the...
  4. Banta

    Tartarian City of Norumbega was conquered to become Washington, DC

    Decided to bump this series of posts because I don't think it's gotten enough exposure on the rebooted blog, and I also stumbled upon a few details that I was unaware of regarding Washington DC and the earlier "founding" of Maryland. This seems like the most appropriate post to attach this...
  5. Banta

    Old Bergman Tools Building, Buffalo, NY

    Annnnnd we're back! Apologies for the delays, we'll say it's KD's fault because he's not here to defend himself :) In all seriousness, I had been unable to find the time during the business week to visit City Hall or the central library, until today. And apparently, I'm going to need to dig...
  6. Banta

    Old Bergman Tools Building, Buffalo, NY

    Agreed, for clarity, you mean 1576. Also, do you think that the street numbers were originally a part of this 1872 map or a later addition? The typeface is obviously different (I assume that it was maybe someone else's job to add the numbers after the map was drafted?). Here's a better...
  7. Banta

    Old Bergman Tools Building, Buffalo, NY

    Well, yes. I believe it's just these guys: Holland Land Company - Wikipedia Sorry for the confusion, this map I just posted to show the name of the town at the time. The OP building would be located far off to the upper right. Just as a sidenote, noting that Niagara Street was once called...
  8. Banta

    Book | The New Chronology by Fomenko and Nosovskiy

    So not that Fomenko was the first or only narrative questioner, but I like to see that there are more kindred spirits out there. Stumbled across this group today and thought it would be interesting to add. And I guess here is a good place! (Maybe.) A very reasonable approach, if you ask me...
  9. Banta

    Old Bergman Tools Building, Buffalo, NY

    Plan of Village of New Amsterdam, 1800? The second image speaks for itself, but also note "New York Reservation". It's debatable how tied this community is to any sort of United States at this point (if such a thing truly existed yet, even if only in the hearts and minds of a few).
  10. Banta

    Old Bergman Tools Building, Buffalo, NY

    Yup. I have to leave this for the moment, but just wanted to say that the "plans" for New Amsterdam (as Buffalo was called at the turn of the 19th century) all seem to include the canals initially (the ones from the Holland Land Company) but then later ones do not, up until the point that they...
  11. Banta

    Old Bergman Tools Building, Buffalo, NY

    Heh, no, at least not at this point. Part of my conjecture is that there's something special under the ground around here, and figuring out what that is could be useful. I was a bit put off at first on incorporating this into this thread, but the myths surrounding Tesla and the Niagara Falls to...
  12. Banta

    Old Bergman Tools Building, Buffalo, NY

    Thanks, jd. To clarify my position, I have little doubt that the canal stretch that was covered up was in fact an artificial passageway for water... I do speculate heavily on what it's original purpose was and when exactly it may have served it.
  13. Banta

    Old Bergman Tools Building, Buffalo, NY

    I want to thank you for your participation, you've really helped push me to try and coherently explain what I think is going on here (and why I needed a detour into the history of alternating current). Now, I obviously could be wrong, but it's my feeling (that I hope to confirm soon) that the...
  14. Banta

    Old Bergman Tools Building, Buffalo, NY

    And Scajacuada Creek starts just above our OP building. From your link: There's a plaque dedicating this shipyard essentially right across the street from the OP building. The (awful) photo allegedly from 1896 (get better cameras, guys!) in the article shows the area (the OP building would have...
  15. Banta

    Old Bergman Tools Building, Buffalo, NY

    Darn it, you guys, I wasn't gonna post this here in this thread, but it's relevant to your comments. Basically, I'm inclined to agree with Jinxy's premise about the area being an operating power station... I'm not willing to concede (yet) that it was all functional or anything. Maybe all was...
  16. Banta

    18th Century: Atmospheric Phenomena or Unknown Weapons?

    I personally like the very next section after the part KD snipped out: Oh, back when you could essentially dismiss highly anomalous events as 'mere" acts of God. For better or worse, that's not how the propaganda machines work anymore. Different lies for different paradigms. Nowadays, it's...
  17. Banta

    Saint Petersburg Kazan Cathedral was not built when they say it was...

    I like to look into the masterminds behind these publications. This one is alleged to have come from the Edinburgh Review: The founders? Francis Jeffrey, Lord Jeffrey (23 October 1773 – 26 January 1850) was a Scottish judge and literary critic. Henry Peter Brougham, 1st Baron Brougham and...
  18. Banta

    The Matrix: Sphere with a Flat Surface

    Or it resurfaced because there's no measurable curvature and modern optical equipment has completely debunked the notion of a visible geometric horizon. "Flat earth" may be a "psy-op" in a keyword hijacking sense (along with the perceived and legitimate oversimplification the term implies) but...
  19. Banta

    1863 Russian involvement in the US Civil War

    Thanks, I hate it! Just the picture, to be clear. It makes me deeply uncomfortable.
  20. Banta

    Old Bergman Tools Building, Buffalo, NY

    (Had to add another post, because I had too many attachments, though this will probably automerge. EDIT: lol, Right Arm, you scoundrel! Beat me by mere seconds!) So, I also thought the knolls that the houses across the street were constructed on were pretty interesting and seem to fit the theme...