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    Possible books, weapons and musical instruments of the Giants

    Colorized image of Douglas MacArthur on what appears to be a very intricate stool made for bigger people.
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    1800s house interiors. Where are the bathrooms?

    Here is how they solved heating for literally the price of piping and valves indefinitely. How did I miss this until now is beyond me (kukdos to UAP for sharing this stuff). The whole video is a smoking gun. Now I need to get my hands on the book. Maybe it deserves a proper thread on its...
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    Who really built Russian Saint Petersburg? Did they dig it out?

    It was the 1720 Map KorbenDallas provided in the first post. ;) Map Link
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    Mudflood evidence

    Please look at this underground temple and tell me it has not been mudflooded and dug out.
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    Star shaped towers: what was their purpose?

    Here is an interesting idea :unsure:
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    Urban Fire verdict: global attack on our civilization or incompetency?

    We certainly use their alphabet, their monetary system and maritime law so its safe to assume that they won and we use their history as well.
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    Vauxhall Gardens Fireworks and Illuminations

    The crowning in Moscow. Illumination of Kremels During the crowning ceremonies in the old Tzar-City Moscow, which outlines a perimeter of at least three miles, was marvelously illuminated for a whole week. The most sparkling was the inner city, the so called Bjelgorod or white city with its big...
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    Double-headed eagle: its meaning and origins

    To my understanding as of today, the double headed eagle could represent the two electrical toroidal fields playing one with another via magnetism. The intersection of both these fields forms in front of our I's (eyes). Just had an epiphany about the countless visual representations of snakes...
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    Was the Fourth crusade the First one? Was Babylon located in Cairo?

    According to Sean Hross, the pharaohs/builders/rulers that came after the year 1000 to Europe and built all their castles, went back home to Egypt to get their family wealth and gold out of there. It was so vast that they couldn't it carry with them the first time they fled the country. And it...
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    Geometry: Proof of the Plane.

    Again the 3 and the 4, the 7th letter of the alphabet or the G. The 3 representing the concept of a pyramid (system) with 3 points, dating back to the worship of Isis, Seth and Horus. When I look at the buildings and architecture from previous civilizations, I cant help but notice the 3...
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    1800s house interiors. Where are the bathrooms?

    I do not know much about beer, but these rulers/pharaohs/builders were heavily into alcohol, possibly due to lower vibrational state associated with it. Googling granite brewing came up with a bunch of results on beer brewing so it could be a thing.
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    The Flexner Report in 1910 was used to bury the true medical history

    Whatever sickness they diagnose, theres a pill for it that you need to take regularly until you die or go broke. Mind you not to cure, but to disconnect one from pain & non-comfort. We kinda have it backwards, as our body is telling us directly that this lifestyle / food habit is not properly...
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    Fake Antiquity: this is Julius Caesar. Really?

    Logic tells me that you should be able to make a sculpture looking like someone if you had his sketch or painting or whatever. To me it seems far more plausible that they were just figures of an artist expressing himself through art or god, not necessarily depicting a person/a Of course someone...
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    The Flexner Report in 1910 was used to bury the true medical history

    Sorry if I made the impression of being a vegan. I try balancing both worlds as I enjoy meat as well, just not in those quantities that I used to earlier. Meat for me is now reserved for lunch but breakfast and late nights its mostly fruits and veggies. So far it feels great :) Could be why...
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    The Flexner Report in 1910 was used to bury the true medical history

    As we already are talking about health and nutrition, I would advise looking into Dr. Sebi and this fella John Rose People apparently love meat more then themselves. They do not care what happens with their body until its too late, and even then, they wont admit that their food intake is...
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    Fake Antiquity: this is Julius Caesar. Really?

    Everything is possible. We could and most probably are building some of these structures even today. We should watch carefully not to study todays Disneyland and take it as ancient. A huge amount of artifacts, statues and even temples from his story are "reconstructed". Just a example The...
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    Single photo: 1908 New York, 5th Ave at 51st St

    The first image, eagle already lost his other head and wing. Could these buildings already been cleaned up or the tech disabled/removed?
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    Spires in 1884 Washington DC. Atmospheric Electricity?

    Atlantic City, NJ 1905 colorized showing rods all over the place in the background 1548948072 Mate thank you, this picture is gold. The left one seems to be a "scholar" trying to figure out what he is looking at through a magnifying glass, looking at the elephant observing the toe. The right...
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    1800s house interiors. Heating Systems.

    So it must have been added later? Considering the ventilation hole in the wall. :unsure: No sane mind would build a house with ventilation inside the walls, yet leave the gas lines exposed and ugly. It does not match the attention to detail that is all over the place in these kind of buildings.
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    Jedi Knights of the 17th century

    Just want to throw this out here. Bear in mind, not all armors were restricting movement.