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  1. Bear Claw

    19th Century Prisons: what were they before they became prisons?

    Yeah I had a friend that used to live right next to that prison to the point that people would go into the alley by her garden to throw drugs in. It is in a very strange location (although maybe not when it was made). It is literally on top of a public park, and right in the middle of a housing...
  2. Bear Claw

    The Vaccine Epidemic

    Interesting points, that I will spend some time musing on. Are you saying autism is a disorder or a mental illness? No issue with either diagnosis, just wanna understand what you are saying... That is great analogy r.e bipolar and voting...
  3. Bear Claw

    The Vaccine Epidemic

    Hi, as an autism 'sufferer' myself - aspergers, so on a technicality - I feel your angst, so may have an appreciation rather than first hand knowledge. On the other hand, I am quite glad for certain dispositions I think come with this cognitive disposition. I would suggest that there is a...
  4. Bear Claw

    19th Century Prisons: what were they before they became prisons?

    I am not posting this for reasons of debating your point, or stating what I believe to be an objective truth. However, Jeremy Bentham, of 'utilitarian fame' posited a prison Panopticon design for British prisons, called the panopticon. In essence it is based around one central watchtower with...
  5. Bear Claw

    Movie: Metropolis (1927), who was it really made by?

    Have you looked into Germania, Albert Speer, and Adolf Hitlers architectural plans for a New Berlin? Architecturally it seems amazing, although if you read about it, it is often described as ugly. It would have been concrete which I can accept is ugly, although I believe Rome was built with...
  6. Bear Claw

    Movie: The Golden Compass (2007)

    The sequel - The Book of Dust, also details a great flood. If you are to do a re-read, there is an edition (of which I own, but don't have access to, with a FANTASTIC foreword), which really highlights how there was so much more to it than a children's book. It doesn't deal with the issues you...
  7. Bear Claw

    Mandela Effect, NYC Towers and the Large Hadron Collider

    Whilst I have no opinion on the grey lines, my understanding of the mandela effect is that there will be people who remember things differently, possibly that their memories / material bodies are from different time lines. Not saying you are wrong, just that "my understanding" would suggest...
  8. Bear Claw

    World population: where are the missing trillions of people?

    Have you factored the growth in Elvis impersonators into your calculations? If trends from the 1950's continue by the 23rd century the population is going to consist of Amish Elvis impersonators
  9. Bear Claw

    1878 San Francisco: abandoned and ready for re-population...

    Interestingly Eadweard Muybridge is a character in Brian Catling's fantasy novel the Vorrh (based on the real life character). In which a fictional colonial city was transported from Europe, and built brick by brick (in Africa). The main thing I recall from his character was he was used to...
  10. Bear Claw

    How Fast Has Language Really Evolved? A Select Comparison of Eurasian Languages

    Ever noticed how to the West of Babylon languages read left to right. And to the right of Babylon, languages read right to left. All as if point to the possible location of Babel?
  11. Bear Claw

    Cathedrals: Who really built them?

    Even more impressive in terms of the cityscape
  12. Bear Claw

    Cathedrals: Who really built them?

    An interesting case study would perhaps be the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Construction began in 1883, yet stopped for the Spanish Civil War in 1936. Work resumed in the '40's at a terribly slow pace, and continues to this day. To the point, that considering much of the thought that we cannot...
  13. Bear Claw

    Where were US flags prior to the Civil War?

    I have heard this too. The Washington Family is from Northamptonshire (Sulgrave), and around here there is a local legend that the Washington Coat of Arms became the stylistic design for the US flag. If anyone wanted further sources for this, it is certainly from Alan Moore (the Comic guy, but...
  14. Bear Claw

    Ironclad ships - another example of Tartarian technology?

    Would it be a reasonable leap of logic to link a civilisation who utilise electromagnetic energy to the use of ships made out of iron. Iron as far as I am aware, increases the electromagnetic force. Iron is a strange substance, being a base metal (i.e it reacts to oxygen). Alchemy is in part...
  15. Bear Claw

    Exposition Universelle, Paris. Photographer unknown. 1900.

    Hi, I notice that you have taken this tweet from a Rennie Mackintosh House tweet page. Is there any reason relating to Tartaria that you follow this page or is it just co-incidence? I ask because I grew up a few houses down from 78 Derngate, Northampton so I have a personal interest. Is it due...
  16. Bear Claw

    400 year old Sahara Desert, or why people forgot everything they knew about Africa

    Whilst I agree with the overall assessment that the Sahara is far younger than Science tells us, and your research strikes a chord with me, to the point that I very much am on board with your thesis, I do think it would be useful to point out that the 1570 map does have 'deserta' written on it...
  17. Bear Claw

    Crystals and Science: Energy, Frequency, Vibration

    To build on this point, I think the story goes, that a Great Spirit set fort a woman to save humanity. She travelled the world touching the soil. Where here right hand touched grew potatoes, where her left hand had been grew corn in the soil. She would only rest where the world was fertile and...
  18. Bear Claw

    The Titanic was a Ritual Sacrifice

    Hi everyone, first post on this forum, so, I hope that you are all well, and had a great Christmas and New Year! I didn't see it mentioned in the thread, although as you all seem pretty well read I guess it hasn't passed you all by. If its old hat, just treat this as an intro post! Anyway...