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    Antwerp: authorities rebury our true history?

    Wow this is a lot to stomach! Especially when you see the size of the walls next to the humans. It’s mindbogglingly destructive and evil to bury these and build roads over them. Shame on them.
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    Movie | The Vault (2021)

    Yes, and it sounds like it’s regularly used, probably to explain fortresses under buildings! Madrid city, not sure when, but this building sure looks damp and moldy. Source The street it’s located on is interesting too: Calle de Alcalá is among the longest streets in Madrid. It starts at the...
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    Movie | The Vault (2021)

    This is about a neighboring building that used to be nearby. From the Medinaceli Palace to the Palace Hotel. Before and after. Check out what it says: In Madrid a singular building was never built next to another singular building; it was built directly on top. Such foolishness has caused us...
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    Movie | The Vault (2021)

    This is the palace that stood where the bank is now. Palacio del Marqués de Alcañices “It is striking that just as the origin of the palace itself is paralleled with the Palacio de Lerma-Medinaceli, this too, like that, acquired its most elegant and refined appearance just a few years before...
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    1495: Mechanical breastpiece of Emperor Maximilian I for the Bundrennen contest.

    I don’t know how easy it would be to make something that immaculate, at least based on how they are saying things were made back then. How did a Medieval Blacksmith Make Weapons? Two central components of the mechanism of making weapons by a medieval blacksmith were heating and hammering. The...
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    Our timeline could be much shorter than we think...

    Your timeline made me think of the feng shui flow of energy for destruction. If water was first and fire second, then perhaps the next deluge would be metal? Goes along the idea of toxins in the environment and via vaccines. Does metal match a specific age, I wonder? Perhaps that could help us...
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    Giant "Ancient" Romans, Human Engineering and the Real Slavery

    @KorbenDallas love this idea and totally agree! My old post about Jesus/buddha potentially being clones with different clone philosophies Fits with this idea too.
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    Early Photographic Equipment

    Truly incredible! Genius! And you’ve traced cameras back to the 1200s? Wow!
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    Our timeline could be much shorter than we think...

    A while back I watched a lecture (wish I could remember the name of the speaker) about how the Sumerians came from the planet Nibiru, and “they looked just like us, but they had horns”. No references but it always stuck with me.
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    Our timeline could be much shorter than we think...

    Yeah just looking through these reccs, it is overwhelming, I see why you laughed. Really, Fomenko was quite incredible to have not been daunted by the repeating, echoing names and stories, while examining chronology, and instead saw the patterns (as do you KD). We can all keep working together...
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    Our timeline could be much shorter than we think...

    Ok, I read through the wikis related to him-both his page, his weaponry, and “the myth of Skanderbeg”. @KorbenDallas if you have the time, please share your thoughts about this person, as your genius is delightfully vast and bewildering, so I’d like to see what dots you connect from his story...
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    Our timeline could be much shorter than we think...

    Thanks! I’ll read and come back with my thoughts!
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    Our timeline could be much shorter than we think...

    Amazing piece, once again! Your point about ‘“Horned" ones were always serious conquerors and warriors’ made me think of this picture: Any thoughts on why they were referred to as “horned”? I’ve often wondered if the laurel crowns in old pictures also covered horns. Many times the leaves seem...
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    Spotted in Underground Seattle: whose Coat of Arms was it?

    Maybe it’s a passenger pigeon.
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    An orb in the sky

    @Timeshifter yay!!! So happy to see you on here!!! That’s an interesting concept. To me looks like there’s almost an origin point near the top of the antenna. Maybe antennae and “lightning rods” were to attract or generate electricity? The invert is wild. Looks like something you could...
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    An orb in the sky

    @KorbenDallas thanks for posting! You can find all sorts of interesting things when you play with brightness and contrast! What doyou think it is, KD?
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    Poll | UFO pilots - who and what are they?

    I believe the answers of whom the pilots are are in the art of the past.
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    An orb in the sky

    KD: This was posted by @Recognition as a comment. Figured it was interesting enough to be a stand alone piece. I found this photo somewhere and decided to do some brightness/contrast work, looks like there was some kind of massive orb in the sky, the day they tookthis pic. With images like...
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    Who is depicted on the Minin and Pozharsky pedestal bas-relief?

    This post is just fascinating! Regarding Pharamond, could this have been related tothe biblical “Pharaoh”? “Pharamond, also spelled Faramund, is a legendary early king of the Franks, first referred to in the anonymous 8th-century Liber Historiae Francorum, which depicts him as the first king...