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  1. John Nada

    High Collars vs. Long Necks and Kayan People

    What's even more concerning with this carving is the fact that there appears to be human or humanoids in jars along side various animals on the left side of the carving. Second shelf from the bottom, second jar from the left appears to be 2 humanoids in a jar with what appear to be horns growing...
  2. John Nada

    Question | Two objects on Horatius Cocles Stopping King Porsena painting

    Photo one appears to be a revolving canon of some sorts, however, it doesn't look much like the revolving cannon found here. According to the official narrative, the revolving cannon was not prototyped until 1871. The second photo appears to be a mortar of some sorts, likely similar to the...
  3. John Nada

    The legendary tomb of the Etruscan king Lars Porsena

    Definitely an interesting structure. Check out the source material for Cortenovis suggestion on uses: You can find the complete document here: Cosmos Very interesting that it's also suggested this tomb was used for collecting atmospherically electricity. Why suggest...
  4. John Nada

    Railroad Construction: Light Ties or Strong People?

    It certainly appears that the railroad ties in the OP photo were drawn in, which raises one question...what were they carrying that was then covered by these cartoon railroad ties?
  5. John Nada

    Leonardo Da Vinci and his Micro-Brushes

    When one searches for the direct translation of "Sfumato" via google translate and duck duck go's translator, sfumato translates as "vanished." This was the same translation that was provided to me in my younger years during my art history classes. I was told, and believed at the time, that they...
  6. John Nada

    1857-9 Sepoy Mutiny in India: what happened here, and when?

    I think you hit the nail on the head with the possible use of a Mahabharata type weapon. I can not tell exactly, but it appears that some of the bones have been burned, specifically the skull in the foreground just to the right of the image center. There is also a suspicious lack of clothing and...
  7. John Nada

    1845: The Great Fire of Pittsburgh

    Being from Pittsburgh, I worked in a building on Forbes between Wood St. and Market St. very much like the ones in the photo provided above. What was most interesting about this building was the basement was 2 stories tall consisting of brick work that appeared much older than the rest of the...
  8. John Nada

    1860s Submarine: Ictíneo II by Narcís Monturiol

    Sounds like one of the many examples of found tech. IMHO, the fact that Estarriol was supposedly smart enough to pull the plans for this sub out of the aether, but not smart enough to realize that an underwater gun is impractical at the time speaks volumes(not to mention the question of what...