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    How are things KD? Hope you are all well.

    How are things KD? Hope you are all well.
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    Hope things are improving my friend!

    Hope things are improving my friend!
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    18th Century: Atmospheric Phenomena or Unknown Weapons?

    This sounds like a mushroom cloud from a nuke. Although, Iam not convinced they exist. But some kind of huge explosion, perhaps a meteor or something. Very interesting however.
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    Look after you & yours mate 👍

    Look after you & yours mate 👍
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    Comment by 'Timeshifter' in media 'Column of Place Vendôme shortly after it falls'

    Always drawings of the event, never photos... but photos either side of the event.. in version 1 image, there are people on the scaffolding!
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    Comment by 'Timeshifter' in media 'Communards and Gustave Courbet pose with the statue of Napoléon I from the toppled Vendôme column'

    I wonder, who this guy is, clearly pasted in at the back? 7th from the right. Different quality of image, he is in focus, others arn't, different lighting. I wonder what his significance was?
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    Comment by 'Timeshifter' in media 'Column of Place Vendôme shortly after it falls'

    Thas is a lot of rubble, is a small area, the blocks look pummled. I wonder how they go this thing down? Going by the state of the scaffolding, they didn't climb up and do it bring by brick... Looks like the area is roped off too, stop anyone getting too close.
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    Early Photographic Equipment

    In the offical mainstream timeline, cameras were available from 1826. Buy the 1840s, they were capable of fast shutter speeds. In my timetime, cameras have always been avaiable :)
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    Napoléon, aka Nicholas, Brutus and Ali Bonaparte: what do we know?

    Good stuff Kd. English academic and theologian Richard Whately wiki wrote a paper/ book in 1852 called 'Historical doubts to Napoleon Bonaparte' which you can read free here In this paper, he destroyes the narrative of Napoleon, claiming for someone to have acheived the feats attributed to...
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    Early Photographic Equipment

    British Artist David Hockney was ridiculed for saying medieval painters where clearly using a camera to make photos to paint from, as a visual aid. This was due to some paintings having the same visual distortions that lenses create. He could however never find a 'camera' as evidence and was of...
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    1845: The Great Fire of Pittsburgh

    Where are ALL the photographs?... here probably... Source Where are they now? 🤔 Found a few here, various supposed dates.. 1839-49.. 1849-59 A few more here. But should be thousands...
  12. Timeshifter

    The City of Harbin or the Battle for Cambalu?

    Excellent post KD! The City photos from the OP could be anywhere in the world, no question, the buildings are all the same! And yes that's some reset, but it all fits, world wide!
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    Spotted in Underground Seattle: whose Coat of Arms was it?

    I know KD already mentioned posibility of the Liver bird, which is what first occured to me. A quick search on the Liver bird reveals this on wiki. The seal of Liverpool. Similar I think? A quote from the wiki page. The motto around the seal has been translated to read 'the common seal of...
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    1917 video of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    Exceptionally clean city for the most part. It's as though these people just arrived in a model city. The buildings look a thousand years more advanced than the cars/ transport. This video could be a thousand years old for all we know. Amazing.
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    Magic Mirrors: Ancient Television & Computers?

    Excellent topic and theory KD. A quick search brings you to 'Snow White' and the suggested origin story... and Mirror Mirror... Talking mirror. wiki And the mirror can still be viewed in the same spot in the castle museum. Are those speaker outlets at the top do we think? Also, there is a...
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    1798: Napoleon's Windmill powered Floating Fortress

    At first I thought of this Then I noticed the 'windmills' on this image were horizontal, like an helicopter And that made me think of this... Perhaps they were seeing amazing tech, they just couldn't draw it so well... Or they were drawn from repeated stories/ tales, and drawn using...
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    Leonardo Da Vinci and his Micro-Brushes

    Good stuff KD, this is how I addressed this issue in my book The Obfuscation of Photography. I cannot verify the likeness to a photograph of the work of Da Vinci as I have not seen one with my own eyes, but from the descriptions of a Sfumato painting, which I have read, both aesthetically and...
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    Ancient and early 20th century Robots

    I wonder why the fixation on having a Robot man pull a carriage, or to lead, or aid the human? As @Banta suggests, was this something humans were used to and were simply attempting to emulate? Something like Talos? Intesting how the word 'automaton' can be found in books, according to...
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    An orb in the sky

    Here is an invert, could it be a lightening strike? Below are 2 frames from a recent lighting strike I filmed. The initial orb is followed by the line, about a millisecond later...
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    Question | 1550s-60s Celestial Phenomena over Europe. What was in the skies?

    Could this be a description of a reboot or replacement of the sun? This is in the period of time often cited as being 'the little ice age' approx 1400 - 1800. Now, this period of time is, in the mainstream anyway, attributed to volcanoes and natural phenomenon blocking out the sun, and causing...