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    What's the Ends For You?

    The two most important days of your life, the day you were born and the day you find out why - Mark Twain
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    How to logically prove a round Earth

    The Fibonacci sequence is an incredibly beautiful thing, something that can be applied to anything that "apples" from our realm. However, this isn't an indicator of the shape or dimensions of our spaceship. The more and more I meditate on the matter and try to think logically about it, it seems...
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    How to logically prove a round Earth

    The kids using his initiative!
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    How to logically prove a round Earth

    I whole heartedly agree with you for the most part, only magnetism isn't proof of the shape of our playing field but could prove the luminiferous aether (light-bearing). The luminiferous aether is a medium that propagates light. The carrier for electromagnetism is the virtual photon. A virtual...
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    How to logically prove a round Earth

    Example The world's longest bridge is the Danyang–Kunshan Grand Bridge in China, part of the Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway. The bridge, which opened in June 2011, spans 102.4 miles (165 kilometres) Lets look at what the architects and engineers have simply dismissed when building the...
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    How to logically prove a round Earth

    Please provide me with your demonstrable proofs, you have just wrote a couple of paragraphs of nothingness. You say the amount of evidence that available us remarkable? PLEASE PROVIDE THE PROOF. Why do sun spots have anything to do with the dimensions of earth? Why do earthquakes or weather...
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    How to logically prove a round Earth

    Every living thing can look out at the world and observe it as flat and motionless. Always flat, always montionless. Always. Every day. TH Sorry for the sarcasm but your point has no validity what so ever. I feel like I'm talking to Niel deGrasse Tyson. (That's not a complement) An absolute...
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    How to logically prove a round Earth

    Respectfully I have to also disagree. Your notion on space balls is like looking at the round balls of a pool table and concluding the table is a sphere, it's like looking at the floodlights of a football field and supposing the field is also too a sphere. It's a logical fallacy, supposing the...
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    The Vaccine Epidemic

    Morgellons is something worth researching if you haven’t already. Who knows what’s in these potions injected in to children’s arms actually are, considering the list of toxins we already know are in vaccines, I dread to think about what we don’t know.
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    What is hiding in Greenland?

    I am sure if you drill down far enough in your garden, you will find oil. Oil is everywhere, do not believe the mainstream narrative around sparsity -sparsity drives up prices and enhances consumer worry. All part of the plan. TH
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    Pope is a Liar: #1 General Concept and Slavery

    Nail on the head, we think we are free. Born and bound in to a world of taxation and artificial constraints. Excited to read the full Pope series, after a little hiatus I think it’s time to blow off the cobwebs. Excellent as ever KD. TH
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    The Evolution Deception

    I am also 0 negative blood, meaning I don't have the monkey gene. Does this mean I evolved from something else? Haha TH
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    The Evolution Deception

    Can you please explain how my mother and brother have anything to do with what you are saying. I'll give you something, you have made me laugh! Had a good old chuckle at your comments. That mother / brother comment tipped me over the edge. You are referring to micro evolution as I explained in...
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    Israel takes "selfie" with Earth

    You would think satellites would be quite easily visible due to the sheer amount of them! Surely, we would be able to see satellites going across the face of the moon; all of the high tech cameras with incredible zoom functions have never captured a single satellite passing the moon ... I think...